Hand Stripping Dog Grooming – Everything you Needs to Know

If you own a wire-coated dog breed, then you must understand hand stripping dog grooming to save time and money from commercial grooming?

Hand stripping is a DIY grooming technique in which the dog owner pulls the hair from the dog’s coat to make it neat and healthy. You never require any expensive tools to do this job, but need to adopt the right method; otherwise, your furry friend may be in pain, and in the worst case, you may damage your pup’s coat.

Here we are going to provide every aspect of hand stripping process, which enables you to do this task like a real pro groomer; stay tuned!

Basics of Hand Stripping – A Quick Tour…

It is actually a grooming process to get rid of the dead hair from the dog’s coat by hand. You can clip the hair to keep the coat neat, but you can improve the shedding process with hand stripping. For most of us, taking our pets to the groomers after every month in our busy routine is quite tough. The dogs with too much fur on their outer coat need frequent grooming services.

Besides this, you can also use dog grooming stripping tools which work as the helping gears in this process. Moreover, you can also use a dog stripping knife, stone, and many other tools to accelerate this technique.

Let’s go deeper into Hand Stripping Dog Grooming…

How Does it Work?

Hand stripping a dog is a great way to eliminate all the excessive hair from the coat. It is an alternative method to traditional hair cutting or clipping in dogs. Pet owners can also adopt this technique with a DIY attitude and make their puppies comfortable within 10 to 15 minutes.

This technique is self-explanatory and can be done by holding the hair with the hand and pulling them from its root. After doing one or two hand stripping sessions, you will notice that the newly generated hair of your pet is shinier and stronger. On the other hand, the results of clipping or cutting are dull and may cause different hair problems in the future.

Besides all this, you can also check the undercoat hair of your pet with a dog stripper brush. This will give you a better idea about the length of the hair and the condition of your dog’s coat. Make sure that you investigate your pup’s coat after every two or three hand stripping sessions.

Which Breeds Require Hand Stripping Dog Grooming

Now you may ponder about the type of dog which needs hand stripping dog grooming. The coat of dog breeds will clarify whether your pet can be considered for a hand stripping process or not.

Generally, you will notice two different coats on most puppies; the undercoat is softer in nature and contains less wiry hair, while the top coat may have long hairs and are more wiry.

Initially, you have to investigate your dog’s coat so that you can analyze whether your dog’s hair can be stripped or not. The most popular dog breeds that can be considered for a hand stripping process are:

  • Airedale Terrier
  • German Wirehaired Pointer
  • Schnauzer
  • Scottish Terrier
  • Irish Wolfhound
  • Wirehaired Dachshund
  • Jack Russell Terrier
  • Cairn Terrier
  • Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

About Wiry Coat Hair Growth

It is not necessary to pull the entire undercoat hair of your pup. The stripped hair will let the new hair grow in a healthier format. Therefore, you can leave some hair too, during this process. You can accomplish this growth in four phases: Anagen Phase, Catagen Phase, Telogen Phase, and Exogen Phase.

If you feel your pet has gone through all these four phases, then your pup is absolutely ready for the next hand stripped session. Now again, you can pull all the dead hair from the outercoat easily and give space to grow more shiny fur along with some older hair.

How to Maintain a Wiry Coat – DIY Approach of Hand Stripping

It is important to maintain your furry friend’s wiry coat, as there is no alternative to hand stripping a dog instead of taking an expensive grooming service. Now, if you have decided to strip the deadly hair of your dog’s coat with your hands, you must understand the right way to do it.

Additionally, these are basic dog grooming strategies that you must use during this maintenance session. Let’s get on to this process and see a short detail of basic tools for this approach:

1. Wiry Breed Shampoo

There are plenty of brands offering formulated shampoo for wiry haired dog breeds. You can bring this shampoo for the next two to three years because a wiry coat doesn’t need to bathe very often, so the shampoo will never cost you higher.

Once you bathe and dry your puppy’s wiry coat, it will look fantastic for some days and if you treat your furry friend with shampoo, bathe in a week or two, then it will maintain its wiry coat very well.

2. Detangling Comb

Another utility to handle your pet’s tangled hair is the detangling comb. If you have a pet, you must put this grooming tool in your bathroom cabinet.

You can gently comb the wiry coat of your puppy after a shampoo, bathing, or even on a routine to avoid matted hair. If your dog’s hair gets matted, then it will become difficult to pull this hair, or it might hurt or cause stress to your pet.

3. Slicker Brush

A slicker brush is another efficient utility for wiry coat pet owners. You can easily maintain your dog’s grooming needs with a slicker brush. If you perform a routine brushing with it, then you will notice angled away from your pup’s skin. Moreover, it will remove debris or other messes from your pets’ fur.

Hand Stripping Dog Grooming – Quick Tips

While stripping dog hair, owners should consider the following tips. As we all know, it is a bit tricky, so before doing this task on your own, it is better to get complete knowledge of this technique from our guides. Here again, check out our special hacks for hand stripping:

  • Break down the entire coat of your pet into sections. If you are stripping a dog coat at once, it might stress your dog.
  • If you think pulling the hair from your dog is distressing, you should leave your pet for some time; never hurried this process forcefully.
  • Use a perfect tool for this process; your hands must be comfortable with your stripping utility.
  • This process is a completely intimidating thing to do; you have to perform this DIY task in your free hours only.
  • If the hair of your puppy is growing slowly, don’t try this job for at least eight to ten weeks.
  • There is a certain chance that some hair on their coat is still there. It is better to leave them in your next session instead of making your pet uncomfortable.
  • Besides all these, if you have any confusion, then you still have the option to take your pets to a professional groomer instead of putting your furry friend in pain.

People also Ask about Hand Stripping Technique

Does hand stripping a dog hurt them?

The hand stripping process is not painful. Some dogs may not like the sensation generated from this process, but it will surely not hurt them. If you are a trained groomer, you can do this job more efficiently, and the puppy will never feel any discomfort.

Can I hand strip my dog myself?

Any dog owner can perform a hand stripping job with a DIY approach. You never need any complicated tools and easily pull out the hair from your dog’s coat with your hands.

What are the benefits of hand stripping a dog?

The major benefits of hand stripping dogs are; that it will keep them warm, protect your pet from direct sunlight, maintain the original wiry coat, and decrease skin irritation. There are plenty of other advantages of this technique that help dog owners keep their pets’ fur healthy and glossy.

How long does it take to hand strip a dog?

You never require a grooming session after doing a hand stripping to your dog. It will give you approximately 6 times longer results on the same coat as your dog. Once you are a fully trained hand stripper, you only need this practice once or twice a year to groom your dog.

Which dog breeds should be hand stripped?

It actually depends on the type of coat which answer this query. The famous dog breeds for this technique are Airedale, Carrier Terrier, Border Terrier, and Schnauzer. You have seen the popular hand stripping terrier, hand stripping schnauzer, and border terrier stripping approaches.

How often should a dog be hand stripped?

Most dog breeds require hand stripping every six weeks, but it also depends on the growth of your pet’s coat. Some dog breeds don’t need hand stripping for the whole year.

Get Started with Hand Stripping Dog Grooming

I hope that you understand all the basic terms of hand-stripping dogs. It’s not just about pulling the hair; you need to get rid of dead hair from your puppy’s coat in the right way. It’s actually your responsibility to make your pet happy and comfortable throughout this process.

Moreover, basic tools like a dog stripping knife will do this DIY job rather nicely. Instead of purchasing expensive tools, you just need to bring one or two basic gadgets to your home.

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