Top Trends of Dog Grooming Tail Styles – Some Unique Ideas

Do you want to adopt the most trendy decoration from some of the best dog grooming tail styles? Never ignore your dog’s tail because it is a great communicator, so you need o care more about this precious part of your pet.

You might not have a good experience with previous grooming services for your dog; why not give it a DIY try? Here again, you can trust our easiest tail haircut instructions. You will also get some unique tail style ideas that you might never see before. So, stay tuned and find the best hacks of tail trimming styles in this exciting guide!

How to Groom a Dog’s Tail – An Easy Tail Trimming Process

Now, if you have adopted this precious pet animal in your home, you must know how to trim your dog’s tail on your own. This pet grooming activity is not difficult at all and can be accurately done with minimum tools and skills.

In general, you can give any chic to your puppy’s tail full service as you did with other dog grooming styles. If you are holding an Asian Fusion dog or any curly-haired pup, the process of grooming might be a little tough. But then again, you shouldn’t worry much about it because our experts will give you a perfect set of instructions that helps all the pet owners to decorate their puppies with their favorite styles without approaching any grooming shop.

Tools and Materials Required

What you have to do is just gather the following things before jumping into the actual procedure:

  • Slicker Brush
  • Shampoo
  • Scissors
  • Comb
  • Towel

Step-by-Step Instructions of Dog Grooming Tail Styles

Now, it’s a perfect time to show you a complete tail trimming process. Our experts have compiled short instructions for this technique so that you can understand them better. Let’s get on to it:

1. A Quick Shower:

Before jumping into this DIY grooming process, you should give a quick bath to your furry friend so that the tail will get softer, and it will become easier for you to cut the tail hair precisely.

2. It’s Brushing Time:

Now, thoroughly dry your puppy and try to straighten the fur, especially its tail part. If you have long fluffy tails, these initial steps will help the beginner groomer greatly. Try to gently remove all the tangles and investigate the length of the tail fur.

3. Start from Tail Base:

Start trimming the hair from the tail base. You have to lift the tail and give a quick haircut on the fur underneath the tail. It will give you a clear view of extra hair on top of your puppy’s tail.

4. Length of Tail:

While holding your dog’s tail, you can check the length of extra hair on the bottom of the tail. If you see any hanged down hair, then shorten the length of these hair according to your favorite style.

5. Tail Tip:

The most important cut in this procedure is the tip of your dog’s tail. You can give it a natural look by cutting the fur of the tail tip. Here you have to make sure that you did not trim the skin of your puppy’s tail.

6. A Final Comb:

Lastly, you will surely see some tangles and trimmed fur on topcoat or tail of your puppy. You should give a detailed comb on the entire skin, especially the tail, to eliminate these extra messes. You can finish this process with your favorite tail style.

After understanding our tail trimming process, I am pretty much sure that you are considering only the current trends to decorate your dog’s tail. Of course, the pet grooming styles are infinite, and you can give any type of style, from a doodle haircut to a cattle dog trimmed tail. The choice is, of course yours.

Here, we should try to explore the most popular tail style variations which will help you to give a pretty cut to your dog’s tail. As a dog owner, you can adopt your favorite style, and with the knowledge of above-mentioned procedure, you can give your favorite style to your pup’s tail without any professional grooming service. So, stay calm and see our unique tail grooming styles:

1. Plume Tail

Image Credit: Getty Images

Starting with the most famous tail style for most dogs which is a plum tail. You will get a pleasant experience with this texture of your dog’s tail hair. Once you have removed all the deadly hair and given the best haircut to the tail, you will get the best look than another dog grooming tail style.

You can keep the tail in a natural position with a regular comb and tidy up the fur with a perfect appearance. It will give a neat line on top of the tail, which will protect the bone tip of your puppy with style as well. This clean decoration needs to be maintained by giving this plume tail cut on a regular basis.

2. Flag Tail

Flag Tail

Now, let’s talk a little about a flag tail! If you have adopted a shorter hair dog, this tail style will suit your furry friend. You never need to take regular grooming service; even you can make this tail style tidy with a brush or comb. The hair will stay smooth in flag tail style, as you can check it by sliding your hand to its tip.

You can only give a haircut to this tail decoration when you notice thinner fur. Sometimes this might irritate your puppy, so you should do a DIY haircut to control the scenario.

3. Natural Tail

Natural dog Tail

You can give a natural shape to your puppy’s tail according to its breed. It’s easy to assume the ordinary tail style in all regular grooming sessions of your dog.

If you want to achieve a natural tail style for your furry friend, you can clip the excessive hair with any trimmer and make it neat according to the length of your dog’s topcoat hair. You can also use a hand scissor method on the natural tail of your pup and trim the underside of the tail hairs against the tip. It will decorate your puppy’s tail and provide a refreshing look at very first sight.

4. Pom Pom Tail

Pom Pom Tail

If you love dogs, then you must hear about pom pom tail. It is the most stylish cut that can easily suit every dog’s breed. Whether you want to decorate the thick fur of your puppy’s legs or need to give a fancy look to a curly-hair tail, you can apply such dog grooming tail styles for your puppy.

It looks absolutely stunning if you match the pom pom haircut style of the tail with the overall body shape of your pup. You can finish off with this tail style and set the clipper line towards the base of the tail to join the body. You may find a much better result with this shape of your dog’s tail and can surprise your family members with this style of your puppy.

5. Carrot Tail

Carrot Tail

If you don’t like any of the above tail haircuts, then you can adopt carrot grooming styles for the tails of your pups. This upside-down design of a dog’s tail is mostly found in West Highland White Terrier dog breed and looks fantastic after stripping or clipping closer to the topcoat of the puppy.

You can balance this tail style with the body coat of your dog. Again, this will appear tighter and show off the structure of the bone of the tail. Most professional dog groomers design this pattern on dog’s tails to decorate them for a fancier look.

Some More Common Dog Tail Formats

Never leave your seats because some more tail patterns are still left to explain here. You can choose these patterns for your dog’s tail and showoff to your friends. Initially, you must judge your dog’s tail and choose a similar format from this list for a perfect tail haircut. If you don’t like any of the above tail trimming styles, then check the following trends of dog grooming tail styles as well and choose your favorite one from them:

General Trends of Dog Grooming Tail Styles

1. Poodle-Type Tail

It’s quite easy to decorate your dog’s tail poodle style. You just need to comb all the hair of your pup’s tail down to the tip, and if you find an excessive coat, trim it around the bottom of the tail. Initially, you can set a clipper line and hold the tail to this line to precisely shape it like a poodle.

You must cut the excessive hair to these clipper lines on both sides. Once you cut those two sides, then you have almost groomed the tail to a poodle style. You can finish it by adjusting the other hair’s length and trying to give a round tail shape at the end.

2. Lion Tail

Lion tail is also quite famous in a variety of dog breeds. You should arc the tail on your puppy’s back and bend it till the beginning of this tail. It looks quite simple to give a lion tail cut, but it may require some afford from a groomer.

The tail of some dog breeds is naturally clipped in this style. Dog owners should carry this tail style easily and trim the hair of the tail in lion style to stand it for many years.

3. Bob Tail

Do you ever see Australian Shepherd Dog or Old English Sheepdog? The tail of these dogs is naturally docked and known as bobtails. This tail looks so small on its long hair and looks docked. It is naturally quite straight for these dog breeds and can be adapted for owners who do not have much time to groom their pets.

4. Bee-sting Tail

The bee-sting tail is just like a hook style tail. It is also short and straight; the tail is pointed to the back as straight as an arrow. Sometimes, it hangs in a downward direction and curves up at the bottom of the tail.

5. Docked Tail

You can surgically adopt a docked tail for any of your dogs to improve your favorite puppy’s overall look. Sometimes, this tail style naturally comes in some dog breeds, but you can groom your puppy with this tail style, then you can take assistance from your expert vet for minor surgery.

Must Remember these Three Important Factors

Our expert groomer has proposed three important factors to consider while decorating your dog’s tail to enhance your knowledge. It will definitely help the DIY groomers to cut their puppy’s tail accurately and at the right time. Let’s quickly learn these crucial elements as well:

  • Tail Height – The height of your puppy’s tail tells you the level of excitement in your dog. However, you can decorate the tail height according to the dimensions of your pup. You must put this tail in a neutral mood and then check its height right after every grooming session. It will give you a better idea about its length. Once closely observing this height, you can easily measure it on your next DIY grooming activity.
  • Tail Shaking Speed – You also need to study how your puppy shakes its tail. You should closely monitor this speed in an upward direction. Because, it will give you a better idea about this shaking speed. If it mostly stays higher, you can give this tail a longer height.
  • The direction of the Tail Wag – The direction of this tail shaking is again a key issue to notice. If you are looking to follow DIY rules, then you must trim your dog’s tail according to this direction. You can specify the length of this tail hair and cut the spare fur precisely. Moreover, you will see the tail after trimming its hair; your furry friend will definitely be flying the tail in the right direction.

Tail Tip and Tricks

Finally, you should remember the following hacks about dog grooming tail styles, which will help you maintain your dog’s tail according to the breed. Whether you want to adopt doodle haircut styles or want to adopt a pom pom tail style, you must follow these tricks for a perfect style for your puppy’s tail.

  • Try to adopt the tail style according to the standards of your dog breed.
  • Must brush your puppy’s tail and other hair thoroughly before giving it a haircut.
  • Must care for the tail of y our puppy; it is a great communicator for your furry friend.
  • Try to maintain a single tail style in the longer run.
  • If you injure the tail of your dog, then immediately approach to your nearest vet.
  • Never ignore the regular grooming service with this tail trimming process.
  • Must remember the tip of your pup’s tail and trim it according to the tail style.
  • Always use the right scissors and other trimming tools to trim your dog’s tail.
  • Take care of the tailbone of your pup.
  • Always point the trimming tool away from other parts of your dog’s body.

Few Question Answers about Dog Grooming Tail Styles

How do you shape a dog’s tail?

You can give a natural style to your dog’s tail or any other shape by trimming the hair in the right direction. You need basic skills of a tail haircut and some tools to perform this job. If this tail is super fluffy, this task will become easier, even for DIY groomers.

Do dog groomers trim tails?

Almost all professional dog groomers can easily trim the tails of puppies. Some of them may do a full clip, or others just perform very little to your pup’s tail, but it is actually a routine job for them.

What is a flag tail dog?

If your puppy is holding the tail straight up in the air and moving it in all directions, you can refer it to a flag tail for any dog. This flag pose of the tail is actually an alert or thread your dog is indicating to you.

How do you cut a fluffy tail?

Cutting the hair from a fluffy tail is almost similar to what you can do with other dog grooming styles, but you have to apply the right tools to trim these hairs from the tailbone of your puppy successfully.

When should you cut a dog’s tail?

When your dog is between 3 and 5 days old then you should cut his tail carefully. You have the option to give local anesthesia to your pup to make things easier for them.

Are you supposed to brush a dog’s tail?

You have to brush your dog’s tail regularly to avoid mats forming. Moreover, if you find any debris or other messy stuff, you should remove it before this brushing activity.

Tails, Tails, and More Tail Styles

Well, this comprehensive article will introduce you to some of the most popular dog grooming tail styles but also helps you to learn the easiest tail trimming process. Now, you don’t need to take your dog to a professional groomer; you can easily give your favorite tail style by understanding our easy tail trimming technique.

The tail styles of some dog breeds are built naturally, so you just need to maintain their tail formation with the right method. Always remember to hold your dog gently, keep the trimming tools away from your furry friend’s body and take care of the tailbone whiling trimming the hair.

Besides all this, you need to focus on the height and direction of your puppy’s tail while adopting any tail style.  It will help you to choose a perfect tail style for your pup.

Now it’s time to say Good Luck with your Choice!

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