What is Asian Fusion Dog Grooming – Do it the Right Way

Are you thinking about giving your dog a cute anime look? Then learn here everything about Asian Fusion dog grooming?

Asian Fusion Dog Grooming allows pet owners to use their creative side of mind and give their dog a young appearance. Moreover, they can trim the hairs on their pet’s faces to provide a unique look. The faces may shape into perfect cubes, and legs may resemble bell-bottom style.  

It will give you a fantastic feeling to show off your dogs like a cute panda or teddy bear. You will surely never want to miss the 3D-shaped cuts, ponytails, and hair dye with eye-catching hats from this informative guide. Let’s learn how you can manage this task with a DIY attitude:

The Evolution of the Asian Fusion Grooming

This grooming technique originated in Japan, China, and Korea; that’s why most dog owners called this procedure a ‘Japanese Grooming’ or ‘Asian Freestyle.’ You have seen that it spreads quickly around the globe.

Now, anyone can adopt this fusion grooming style after knowing the basic skills. Besides this, if you have fusion Shih Tzu in your home, why not give your pet a quick puppy cut for a toy lamb look. When I decide to eliminate all the unpleasant stuff mostly, I started it with a quick haircut. It’s a great feel to adorn your dog with unique fusion styles.

Suppose, your kids love any cartoon character and you give this same texture to your furry friend, then how much your family members will enjoy with their pet. Similarly, this evolution has inaugurated in this fashion throughout the world. 

As I said earlier, these dog grooming styles are invoked from Japan and spread rather quickly. It pauses all the classic grooming methods for pets and brings a new revolution to this pet industry. Now, this technique is not necessitous on its breed standards; rather, you can use your creativity on your pets to give them an artistic look.

The possibilities for pet groomers are increasing every day, and this practice is accepted in Europe, the United States, and Australia. You have the chance to explore more sophisticated styles according to your passion, and you know that the imagination of Asian freestyle is now almost endless.

The Most Common Asian Fusion Dog Breeds

When it comes to the variety of breeds in terms of their types or colors, the Asian freestyle grooming is not specific to its breed; rather, it works perfectly on all the following breeds:

  • Bichon Frise
  • Yorkshire Terriers
  • Poodles
  • Shih Tzus
  • Maltese Terriers
  • Lhasa Apsos
  • Schnauzers
  • Cocker Spaniels

Asian Fusion Technique at Home – 7 Easy Steps for Dog Grooming

Here, you will learn a complete Asian Fusion dog grooming process. You can do this task at your home without any assistance from a professional groomer. Otherwise if you can bear the groomer charges you can go with that.

But if you are still willing to do it by yourself here are few simple steps to groom your furry friends:

Get the Right Tools:

Initially, you have to gather the right DIY tools for this task. The blades of these gears should stay sharper and cleaned to avoid any mishap. It is unnecessary to arrange tons of tools here; instead, you need to bring only that tools which you are required.

Start Brushing your Dog Gently:

Regular brushing will eliminate all dirt and soil from your dog hair, and you will never see tangled hair of your furry friend. The thickness or hair type might differ depending on your pet’s breed. Here again, you start brushing your darling dog’s hair softly.

Give him a Quick Bath:

Now set out the shampoo, towel, and other gadgets to put your pet in the bathtub. Now start pouring the water all over your dog. Make sure that your pet’s fur is entirely wet before lathering up with the shampoo. You should have separate pet shampoo instead of using human shampoo. Avoid the face, ear, and nose of your dog from shampoo.

Finally, rinse off with fresh water by rubbing the hair. Make sure that all the soapy stuff is out, even from the pet’s feet, and drain the water in your tub.

Trim those Nails:

You will find his nails get softer; it’s the best time to trim them. Don’t start trimming straight away; you can give the pet’s paw a quick pedicure to make him comfortable. Never cut the pink area of your pet’s nails, as it contains blood vessels. Make 100% sure that you never force this nail trimming process; otherwise, your pet will never trim his nails from you again.

Don’t Forget the Ears:

The ears are another important body part of your pet. Must clean them and if you feel any wax in them, then eliminate it with a dampened cotton ball; if you feel itchy or smelly ears, then it’s better to consult the vet.

Brush the Teeth:

Most pet owners forget this step and cause periodontal diseases in their pets. It is better to alarm a schedule for this job and brush his teeth regularly.  

Another great idea is to do a short brushing session after every bath. It will surely maintain a good schedule without distressing yourself.

Clip it Necessary:

If you feel a long-haired pet’s coat, it’s a good option to trim the face and body hair slightly for a fresher look. This fusion dog cut will also relax your lovely dog, and you can show it off to your neighbors with a quick outdoor tour.

If you have Shih Tzu Asian Fusion, you should clean hair from the eye corners and back of the neck. If you think its essential to clip hair from sanitary areas then must do it as well.

Question Answers about Asian Fusion Dog Grooming

How do you groom an Asian fusion face?

There are plenty of unique grooming styles to decorate the face of Asian fusion dogs as it is a freestyle grooming activity. It will give a younger and more attractive look to these dog breeds.

How often should a Japanese Chin be groomed?

The easiest way to groom a Japanese Chin is to give them regular brushing and bathing. The topcoat and skin of these puppies are softer and can only be maintained with frequent bathing.

What is the best cut for a Maltipoo?

The curly coat of a Maltipoo can be groomed with a routine cut. It will help the pet owners to maintain the body temperature of this puppy constant.

How to groom an Asian fusion dog?

You need some unique grooming skills to decorate the Asian fusion dogs. As this dog breed is also known as Asian freestyle grooming you can apply any of your favorite styles of these puppies.

How do you trim a Japanese Chin dog?

You should shampoo your Japanese Chin dog before trimming the hair. A quick bath will help you straighten the hair. Now dry your pup and start trimming the hair from the neck towards the lower back part of your puppy.

Final Verdict

Whether you are familiar with the dog fusion technique or looking for a complete guide to groom your dog, this short and informative article give you great guidelines on both these cases.

I have tried my best to provide you with unbiased information based on facts so that you can adopt any fusion style for your darling pet without any confusion. Its actually the creativity of your own mind that how you manage a artistic look to your pet just by following some basic knowledge of fusion style grooming. 

This fusion style of grooming has started to revolve quickly around the globe. I have noticed many dogs with an Asian Fusion dog haircut in my area. It’s time to show me your Asian Fusion puppy cut in the comments section:

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