Filing your Dog Nails Perfectly – DIY Dog Grooming Guide

Are you tired of clipping the nails of your dog and afraid of the bloody paw of your furry friend? Here our expert dog groomer will introduce you to three advanced methods of dog nail trimming, and you will be filing your dog’s nails perfectly by following the simplest instructions.

If you are ready to learn these techniques, must read all the best practices mentioned in this informational guide to become a pro nail trimming groomer.

Filing a Dogs Nails – A Quick Answer

The process of filing your dog’s nails is a lot more better option than classic clipping. You can do this DIY task in three different ways. All the trimming techniques mentioned in this guide are very effective and comfortable for expert or even beginner DIY groomers.

The easiest method is a manual dog nail file, a well-renowned alternative to clipping. You can also use a nail grinder to trim your pup’s nails with accuracy gently. You also have the option to handle this process with a nail trimmer.


Let’s move and check all the key aspects of filing your dog nail’s in detail:

How to File your Dog Nails – 3 Proven Methods

Filing a dog’s nails is the easiest and fastest nail clipping process. You can finish this trimming procedure within a few minutes of your dog’s four paws if you do this practice in the right order.

Here you will learn all the necessary steps of three proven techniques of dog trimming. All the points mentioned against each method are clearly defined with a short description which makes it easier for you to become a pro DIY groomer quickly; so, without any further ado, let’s get started:

1. Filing Dogs Nails Manually

Started with the coolest method of nail trimming, which doesn’t require any complex tool for this grooming process. This dog nail buffer method is best for filing dog nails by hand. Learn the following four steps of this manual nail trimming hack to become an expert in this technique:

  • Bring a Heavy-Gauge Metal Nail File

You can use a metal nail file with your best dog for nail trimming. This tool is easily available at any local pet store with minimum cost, but it works wonders and files your dog’s nails smoothly. You have the option to level the rough edges of nails with this tool.

Although it looks like a time consuming process, it will take less time and effort than the usual clipping method, and there is less chance that your dog will misbehave.

  • Grasp a Paw and Separate the Toes

You must hold this dog nail file tool in your dominant hand and clutch the paw with the other hand for the right nail care. If you find any debris on the claws, you can remove it for a crystal clear view of the nails.

  • Start from the Tip of the Nail and Go Evenly

Further, rub this tool on the nail’s tip so your puppy will quickly get the feel of this gear. Now start filing and give 10-15 passes in one direction, and you will see the nail trimmed smoothly.

Now continue rubbing it until the nail reaches your dog’s paw pads. You can stop trimming when it comes to the nail curve. Now do the same process on the nail edges with more care.

  • Work in Sessions

It is better to do this DIY task in sessions. You can spend two to three filing sessions on a single paw. If you feel anxiety on your pup’s face, you can treat them with their favorite food or some cuddles between these sessions for comfort. You can finish this manual trimming procedure on all the paws by working in partial sessions.

2. Using a Nail Grinder

Now let’s move on to some automated techniques. You can also use a nail grinder for filing your dog’s nails by using a Dremel nail filer or any other gear. It is an efficient tool that helps dog owners maintain their puppy’s nails with style. Learn here how this gear work for your furry friend:

  • Train your Dog with Tool

Before starting this nail trimming process, you must train your puppy about the grinder’s sound. You can file your pup’s nails only when he is comfortable with this tool.

You can associate your puppy with nail Dremel by turning this tool on in front of him and holding it near his paw. If this start-up process takes time, you can add some treats. Your furry friend will quickly become calm with the grinder, and it’s time to move on.

  • Hold your Dog’s Paw and Grinder

Now hold the grinder tool in your dominant hand and inspect your puppy’s paw with the other hand. If you see any debris, remove it from your dog’s nails for a clear view.

Additionally, the nails of long coated dogs will also cover with lots of hair, creating obstacles in this process, so you have to get this fur away as well. This step is necessary because these hair might be stuck in a grinder’s rotations.

  • Press the Grinder on the Nail and Start Trimming

Further, firmly hold your dog’s paw and start this nail filing process in shot sessions. You just need to touch the grinder to every nail for two or three seconds to introduce the vibration of this tool.

Once your dog gets used to its sensation, you can use this dog filer for nails. Try to pass this tool on your puppy’s nails in one direction and trim the nails in two to four passes. You can also add some treats in this process if needed.

  • Make Sure the Grinder doesn’t Overheat

You have to stop the grinder when you are not cutting the nails because there is a certain chance that this tool may overheat on unnecessary use. Now, lets test it by applying it to your hand for some seconds. If you feel hot, stop it for some time. If any nail of your puppy is heat-up, cool it with a damp cloth.

  • Avoid Grinding the Nails too Fast

This nail file process should be stirred with caution and doesn’t need to accelerate at any stage. You have to finish this DIY job with a smooth finish as well. This Dremel nail file for dogs might mess up the scenario if you want to move too quickly.

  • Make a Weekly Schedule

Finally, you should use this nail grinder regularly to give a perfect style to your dog’s nails. It is better to fix this schedule on a weekly basis or even a single paw per week for the comfort of yourself and your furry friend.

3. Getting your Dog Used to Nail Trimming

Another effective way of nail trimming process is getting your puppy used to it. If you are doing a dog toenail file on your own and your pup doesn’t react much, it’s a great sign for the best dog nail file. Now you can also do heavy duty nail files for dogs to become a pro groomer.

You can follow these instructions compiled by an expert groomer and dig out the best hacks from these points to make this DIY job cooler:

  • Touch your Dog’s Paws Periodically

It’s a great exercise to touch your dog’s paws and claws at different spots. Further, you can also hold their paws for longer sessions so that you will get used to being handled. A time will come when your dog will never show any aggression in this behavior, and you can finish this nail trimming process with a single paw within seconds.

  • Offer Treats with Sniff of the Tool

Offering some treats and cuddles to your puppy is a great practice to calm him down. It’s a piece of great advice to propose their favorite treat along with the sniff of the nail trimmer.

  • Hold the Trimmer Gradually Closer to a Nail

You have to introduce the nail trimming gear before any start. It’s a good thing to move the trimmer closer to different nails. Your dog will quickly recognize the tool and will never be afraid of it in the future.

  • Gently Hold your Puppy and Give some Cuddles

You should gently hold your dog if you see any strange behavior. Moreover, you can also treat them with some hugs to norm things down. Your furry friend will surely sit still after this.

  • Reward your Dog with their Favorite Food

If you include your dog’s favorite food during trimming sessions, your puppy will never misbehave with you. You should add a minor quantity after trimming just one or two nails. This practice works great with most dog breeds and helps you to finish this job swiftly.

Video Tutorial about a Dremel: A Perfect DIY Nail Trimmer

If you are still confused about the use of these nail trimming tools, then here is a quick video tutorial about a Dremel; must watch it for better understanding about these useful tools:

Benefits of Filing your Dog Nails over Classic Clipping

Filing dog nails instead of clipping has lots of advantages. Moreover, it will enable the DIY groomer to cut their puppy nails without pain accurately. The dog nail file electric methods hold endless benefits; let’s check out some of them here:

  • Make your Puppy Comfortable – The most vital benefit of these filing practices is that they will keep your dog relaxed and comfortable during the whole procedure.
  • Never Hit the Nerves – All these filing techniques will reduce the chance of hitting the nerve part of the nail. You will get an indication of this nail’s portion with these practices instead of cutting the whole nail at once.
  • Stylish Cutting – You will cut your furry friend’s nails in the smooth and rounded format without any damage, which looks fantastic on their paws.
  • No Scratches – There is less chance of scratches on the humans and the dog’s paw in these dog nail filing methods.

FAQs about Filing a Dog’s Nails

Can you file your dog’s nails at home?

Filing the nails of your dog is not a difficult skill and any beginner DIY can manage it at their home. You just need to inspect the condition of your dog. Once you got the idea about the nail and quick part of your dog’s paw then you can easily manage it yourself.

Is it bad to file your dog’s nails?

If you hurt your dog during filing his nails, then it is absolutely bad for your pet. You have to take care of the quick part of his nail and trim only the excessive part of his nail which touches the ground.

How do you file a dog’s black nails?

You will notice a little dog which indicates the bleeding part of your puppy’s nail. It will be more convenient for you if you cut the nail one step above this quick part.

Can I file my dog’s nails with a regular nail file?

It is better to check the condition of your puppy’s nails. If the toenail is softer then you can easily trim it with a regular nail file method. The nails of older dogs are usually harder and should be trimmed with any brittle nail tool.

Do dogs feel pain when you cut their nails?

If you cut the nails of your dog too short; it means you damage the quick of the nail. It will hurt your puppy badly, so make sure that you only trim the excessive part of your dog’s nail.

How often do dogs need their nails trimmed?

You should trim the nails of your puppy every three to four weeks. This approximate time is quite common in most dog breeds. Besides this, if the nails of your dog touch the ground, then you should immediately trim the nails.

Manual Files Vs. Automatic – Our Verdict

Whether you are manually filing your dog’s nails or using automatic procedures mentioned in this informative guide, both techniques are effective enough to cut your puppy’s nails without giving him any pain.

Besides this, all the dog trimming processes are comfortable both for the pet and its owners. You can craft your favorite style to their paws and protect you from nasty scratches. Now you can bring your favorite trimming tool to your home and maintain your dog’s nails regularly.


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