Why is Your Dog Acting Strange After Grooming Session

Never leave your furry friend alone after a grooming session because you might notice some abnormal acts from your dog. Of course, you can’t leave your dog without a haircut or nail trimming, so it is better to learn how to help if you see your dog acting strange after any grooming session.

It’s the responsibility of pet owners to norm things and eliminate the depression from their pup. You must know the major reasons and their quick solutions of all the concerns that you may face after any grooming activity.

Don’t worry because you are not alone again!

Our experts have covered all the possible solutions according to these weird behaviors of the dogs in this informative guide. So, keep reading to help your lovely pet instead of leaving him in this situation:

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Suppose your dog is acting strangely after a grooming session, then it’s not the time to panic or show you aggression in response to his destructive behavior. It will ruin the comfort of your living space.

Your puppy might be in some sort of pain or feel sad due to this sudden change in his look. It is important to figure out the exact reason and handle the situation accordingly.

You can make your puppy comfortable with your positive attitude and reward him with his favorite food or any toy during and after the time of grooming. It’s a great trick to soothe their skin for some time or take them outdoor for a short trip or exercise to calm things down.


Well, if you have time, then you should read this informative guide till the end, to learn all the important hacks from our professional groomer.

Let’s get started…

My Dog is Acting Strange After Grooming – Why?

You must be worried when your dog acts strangely after a haircut. Your dog may hide or be sad at times after a grooming session. He may feel discomfort after a change in his look or confusion because of a massive haircut. Sometimes your puppy may feel itching on his sensitive spots and act weird.

You may notice different reactions, but a strange behavior has to be shown after grooming the dog. So, there are almost endless reasons for this abnormal act after visiting a dog groomer. Let me drag you towards these abnormal reactions so that you must ready yourself for quick actions.

Abnormal Reactions After a Grooming Session

As a dog owner, you must take note of a few strange dog acts to help him out. Of course, you don’t want to leave your furry friend in this situation, so you must be familiar with these dog depressions after their latest grooming activity:

  • Your furry friend might be in pain due to any grooming injury and act weirdly.
  • Some groomers use drugs to relax the puppies during grooming, so your pup might act very strangely in this situation.
  • If your dog is acting strange because of water in his ears, he might also be shaking his head.
  • Your poodle is acting strangely after grooming because the blood might return to its nails after nail trimming in the spa.

What is a Dog Depression?

If you can’t empathize with your dog after grooming acting strange, your puppy might go into depression. Various emotions are going into your pup at that moment; you also know the depressing happenings for better treatment.

These despair moments in your dog might be:

  • Suspicion
  • Distress
  • Contentment
  • Disgust
  • Excitement
  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Joy
  • Affection
  • Shyness

5 Major Reasons for Dog Depression After Grooming:

Now let’s move on to the top reasons for these depressions because you already got solid background information in this guide, and from now on, you can easily learn these motives for the weird acting of your puppy:

  • Your Dog Feels Powerless

If your dog is acting strange, one of the top reasons is that your dog can’t do anything. As a pet owner, you have all the powers to do any grooming activity with your dog with his approval. So, when your dog feels powerless, then he may act weirdly.

Here, you have to precisely notice your dog’s activities so that you get the idea where your puppy is confused so that you will be more careful next time with these actions.

  • It is a Very Unfamiliar Feeling

Your furry friend is a bit weird because of a new haircut. If you shave the whole body of your pup, then he will definitely feel lighter and airier. In this case, your puppy will try to avoid you or hide in some corner of your home because of a strange feeling. Sometimes, you have adopted a wired haired dog breed, and when you completely cut your puppy’s hair then you dog might get unfamiliar feel.

  • Your Dog Feels Confused

As a dog owner, you must know your pet’s needs after every grooming exercise. Your pup will quickly get confused about a sudden change in his nails, hair, and look.

Obviously, the long haired dog breeds have extra protection on their top coat against sun ray’s. Once you have trimmed his hair or shaved the whole body, your puppy will feel the cold breeze and face different environments directly to their skin. Consequently, your pet don’t know how to survive this sudden weather change and gets confused in no time.

  • Your Puppy is in Pain

If your dog acts like he is in some sort of pain, you have to react instantly and figure out where he is feeling that pain. You have to examine the private parts of your puppy because, on most occasions, your furry friend feels a lot of pain in these areas right after a grooming session.

You will see your doggie fearful in this scenario. This bad emotion can be dangerous for your puppy and its owner if not handled well. These fears can also lead to serious depression in your pup; sometimes, the groomers get too harsh with your pets during grooming. It will also make your puppy in some emotional pain.

Your puppy will avoid eye contact with you, tucking their tails or scratching the floor surface with their paws. These are the major signs when your puppy is in discomfort after a grooming session.

  • Dog Gets Embarrassed from Society

Finally, you must figure out how your dog’s acting in front of society? There is a certain chance that somebody will laugh at your puppy’s look or your funny behavior will embarrass him. So, as a dog owner, you should be more careful and make life comfortable for your puppy after every grooming activity.

Your puppy has to face society with a newer look. It’s your responsibility to give an easier outdoor environment to your dog and provide the right support to face the general public with a new haircut.

Keeping your Dog Happy After Latest Grooming – 10 Easy Ways

Well, that’s not the end of the world here! Once you have figured out all these reasons correctly, you must keep your furry friend happy and support him in the right way.

Every grooming activity will make your puppy depressed; you must react immediately to your dog’s behavior. There are plenty of techniques to help your dog in this depression at the time of grooming or right after it.

Here, we have compiled the best methods to keep your pup happy after coming from a groomer’s shop. Even if you don’t know why your dog act depressed after the latest grooming activity, you can still apply any one of the following hacks, and I am sure that it will work wonders for you:

1. Choose a Groomer Carefully

The most important aspect of keeping your pet comfortable is to pick a perfect groomer for his services. Of course, your dog will never go to a stranger’s hand every time; therefore, you need to choose the groomer at once.

You can search for the right groomer online and check their reviews on different platforms before booking anyone. Once your puppy feels comfortable with any groomer, now you shouldn’t change it at any cost.

2. DIY Approach is also Available

You can cut off this expensive grooming activities and use a DIY approach to cut your puppy’s nails and hair. There is no such difficulty in all these pet grooming processes; you just need the right equipment and guidelines for perfect results.

If you are a beginner groomer, you must follow the right way; otherwise, you can put your puppy in pain or craft an ugly appearance. You must first learn this grooming skill before applying it to your furry friend.

3. Be Positive

You can compliment your dog’s grooming look with a positive response. I know that your pet doesn’t understand your words, but they definitely realize your positive attitude. You can also spend some time with your puppy and keep them positive with some cuddles. This technique is so effective then your pet will quickly calm down.

4. Rewards

Rewards are the greatest weapon to convenience your dog. You can reward your puppy with treats or their favorite toy so that your pup will quickly forget what happened with him at the grooming spa.

It’s a great option to add their favorite food during a grooming session. Well, you can take a smaller bag of treats to the groomer shop and decorate the table with these pieces of stuff. It will keep your puppy busy with these treats, and the groomer can finish his job without taking the pup’s attention.

5. Soothe their Skin

If you think your dog is uncomfortable or gets hurt during grooming, you can soothe their body by relaxing them. There might be some itchy stuff on their skin or some dead hair left in their topcoat; you can treat all these irritations with coconut oil or rub their body to feel them relaxed.

6. Groom your Puppies Frequently

One good opinion to take care of your puppy is that you should groom them in a routine, so they get used to it. Going to the groomer shop after a year will make your pup an awful experience, and you will find your dog in depression everytime.

That’s a great schedule to visit a groomer’s shop every month; this routine will keep your dog tidy, and you need to spend less time on this grooming activity.

7. Do Basic Grooming at Yourself

The process of nail trimming or hand stripping is not very difficult at all. You must practice this skill a few times and perform these simple DIY grooming tasks yourself.

Sometimes the puppy doesn’t like the hands of another person; in this case, this DIY attitude will become quite helpful for you.

8. Know When to Enlist the Help

Going vice versa, well-trained groomers can only do some grooming tasks. For these jobs, it’s better to assign difficult tasks to professionals instead of putting your puppy in some pain. For instance, plucking the hair from their ear canals is quite difficult for DIYers; for such assignments, it is wise your take assistance from a professional groomer.

9. Inspect the Injuries

As a dog owner, it’s your duty to inspect your puppy before and after a grooming session carefully. If you find any physical injury or damage, you must take instant action and give them the best treatment.

10. Exercise

Finally, you can calm things down with a quick exercise session with your pup. You can do a short trip to a local park or do some running with your dog. Your pet will quickly forget about the difficulties faced during a grooming session.

How to Make your Dog Grooming Experience Easier?

Here are some more pro tips to help your dogs act weird after a grooming session. These hacks will definitely make them calmer and bring them back to their normal lives:

  • Your lovely puppy is depressed with a newer look, especially after a detailed haircut; if he is still acting weird or sad, you can reward him with his favorite toy and try to play with him for some time.
  • If your furry friend is in some sort of pain on their special parts, you should touch them on their sensitive spots to keep your puppy calm. This is one of the top reasons dogs act weird right after grooming, so you must take affectionate care about it.
  • If you are looking for a quick haircut or nail clipping session for your pup, you must bring his favorite treats to the groomer shop and reward him with them during the grooming session.
  • As a pet owner, you can make your dog happy and comfortable with positive expressions on your own face.
  • If your puppy is weird or destructive, then it’s absolutely not the right time to show your aggression or laugh at him.
  • Some lovely hugs will surely eliminate the sadness in your pet.

People Also Ask if there Dog Acting Strange after Grooming

Do dogs act differently after grooming?

If your dog act in a different way or may feel airy after a detailed grooming session then it’s a normal thing for most puppies. As a pet owner, you shouldn’t worry much about it. You may give long sleeping hours to settle things to normal.

What to do if the dog is stressed after grooming?

The most important thing that you can give to your puppy after grooming is just love. You can treat your dog with some lovely cuddles and arrange a comfort zone for your pup to eliminate the stress. If you treat your dogs with their favorite food then they will also be feeling relaxed in less time.

Is grooming traumatic for dogs?

Any painful grooming activity can become traumatic for your dogs. If your feel that your pup is nervous then you should calm him down with some lovely cuddles. Moreover, try to get rid of this panic attack on your pet with positive atmosphere.

Do groomers give dogs sedatives?

Some groomers may give a sedative to your puppy, especially if the vet writes a such prescription for your furry friend. You can ask the groomer about it and check the vet’s consent of your dog.

Why is my dog so tired after the groomer?

Sometimes, a long grooming session can exhaust your dog. If your puppy is already anxious about visiting any groomer, you can plan this grooming activity for some other to help your dog.

Wrapping It Up

I hope that this comprehensive guide will enable you to make your pet happy after every haircut or any other grooming activity. If your dog is acting strange or sad, you must calm him down and help with some loveable cuddles.

You have to investigate the reason for this dog’s acting. Once you understand the exact cause of this behavior, you will get plenty of solutions to make your dog happy. You have the option to soothe their skin or reward them with their favorite food or toy.

A short car trip, exercise session, or other similar outdoor activity also brings your pet’s confidence back to normal.

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