Wired Haired Dog Breeds to Raise + Grooming Idea

Are you dreaming of a sweet pup with wiry hair? Take a closer look at the wired haired dog breeds that are super energetic, intelligent, and cuddly in nature.

You will find the top coat of these dog breeds a bit bristly and strong. It will help these types of puppies to squeeze through the bushes while chasing their hunts. You can also consider it a home pet because of its lovely and friendly nature.

If you are looking for a similar companion or adopt it as your family member or as a hunting partner, then you must read this complete guide about the wired haired dog breeds and choose from our top trendy list with trust:

Wired Haired Dog Breeds – 15 Trendy Dogs

The fur of wired haired dogs is short but stiff compared to other breeds. If you pass your fingers in their hair, then you may feel like a hard bristle in your hand. Of course, there are plenty of benefits and challenges with these dog breeds; and you want to know all these things for all wired haired dog breeds.

These pets are a better option for allergen persons and require low shedding. These are easy to maintain and train dogs; you can take them outdoors without difficulty. The energy level of these puppies is also on a higher note.

Here you will get the honest details of the most popular wire haired dogs which will help you in choosing the right puppy for yourself:

1. German Wirehaired Pointer

Starting my list with the most popular hunting dog in this category. The German wirehaired pointer puppies have excessive hair on their face with a strong beard. The outer coat of these dogs is completely waterproof; the bushy eyebrows and that beard look make it perfect for hunting purposes in ponds and thorny bushes.

 German Wirehaired Pointer

This pet is crossed with old German Pudel and the wirehaired pointer dogs, which formed a strong German wirehaired pointer. You can trust this puppy as your home pet, but not for long, especially when you have kids at your home.

You don’t need to take them to a pro groomer very often; the wiry fur of this German wirehaired can be treated on a seasonal basis. These dogs have slim athletic bodies and are super active, that’s why they require a lot of exercise and walk. 

2. Jack Russell Terrier

Another well-known wired haired dog breed is the Jack Russell Terrier. It is a short leg dog breed with a stronger temperament and loves chasing, digging, and running. You will find this wire haired Jack Russell pet loyal and friendly. This Russell Terrier was developed in England in the 1800s and now becoming quite popular around the globe.

Jack Russell Terrier

Some of the folks also adopt Jack Russell breed as their farm dogs. Most of them might be living in the countryside and use hand stripping if the grooming service is not around them. You can do a weekly bushing to these puppies to remove the deadly hair which can be done with a DIY attitude.

The outer coating of this pet is a bit smoother compared to his brothers and sisters, so they require very low maintenance, and seasonal grooming is sufficient for this dog breed.

3. Schnauzer

The Schnauzer breeds are available in three measurements: miniature, standard, and giant. Most of the acts of these three categories are common; the major difference is just the size that distinguishes each other.

Schnauzer wired haired breeds dog

These are smaller dogs with a thick coat upfront and a softer undercoat. They are available in salt, silver, black, and pepper colorways. The eye color of these puppies is dark brown, which looks cute on their facial texture.

If you are thinking about their personality, then let me tell you the key point here is that they are quite active, intelligent, and friendly and can be considered as a family dog.

4. Wirehaired Dachshund

If you are searching for a silky wire-haired dachshund, then the haired dachshund pups should be your ultimate choice. The personality of these dogs is just like a big doxy with short legs. You can maintain the thick and double-coated style of this dog breed with a simple hand-stripping method.

Wirehaired Dachshund

You can fix a yearly grooming session for this wire haired dachshund which is a fantastic option for farm owners and gardeners. Must do a moderate exercise for these dog breeds so that they can digest quickly.

These are bold, loyal, and bit loud puppies with stronger temperaments. However, a major setback for these dogs is their potential health problems. On the other hand, these dog breeds are quite intelligent and caring to their owners.

5. Irish Wolfhound

These dog breeds are self-explanatory as they are wolf hunting dogs and are heavier in weight. The Irish wolfhound dogs weigh around 150 to 180 pounds with 30 inches in height. They are a bit muscular dog breeds, and the top coating is rough, which suits their personality.

Irish Wolfhound wired haired

Mostly, they shed a lot because of their shaggy appearance, but their expressions are very friendly, and anyone can easily fall in love with them. Some pet lovers fear them in the first instant, but surprisingly they feel comfortable with them swiftly.

If you give them early socialization, these puppies will be very submissive to you. Never worry about the wiry coat of these dogs, as they need occasional stripping and trimming.

6. Silky Terrier

Here we go with another silky and smooth wired haired dog breed! The silky terrier dogs are quite energetic creatures and can be considered hypoallergenic dog breeds because they never need much shed.

Silky Terrier wired haired

These pets require daily exercise to remove negative impacts from their personalities. You must sacrifice some time to play or walk with them to ensure that your chosen pet obliges you.

The silky and wiry coat of this wire haired terrier requires low maintenance and grooming sessions which is another plus point in these dog breeds.

7. The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

The wirehaired pointing griffon is also famous with gundog alias and is the optimum choice for hunting. Its quite easy to groom and maintain these pointing griffon dogs because of the softer double coat.

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

You can recognize these wirehaired pointing griffon puppies from mustache and eyebrow signs. The shape of griffon eyes is also rounded, which may give you an enquiring expression. The measurements of these dogs are also medium-sized.

The wirehaired pointer griffon is quite clever and intelligent, which their owners can polish in any format.

8. Wirehaired Vizsla

You can get a denser coat for your favorite puppy in the form of wirehaired vizsla, which is a separate dog breed from traditional vizsla altogether. It is a wonderful choice for pet owners because they have a sensitive and cooler temperament than their brothers and sisters.

Wirehaired Vizsla Dog Breed

It is shorter haired puppy mostly found in Hungary and its surrounding states. You will see these dogs so gently that you can spend a whole movie night with them on your couch. He will act like your family member and can be accompanied on long walks or exercise sessions.

His long ears and red nose distinguish it from the other pup categories. The lifespan of this dog breed is almost 14 years, so you can consider it a one-time purchase.  

9. Wire Fox Terrier

The fox terrier is famous because of its all-weather top coat. The personality of these puppies is also quite gentle and loving, so that you can consider them as your pet only after complete training.

Wire Fox Terrier

Another reason for its popularity is its usage of chasing the foxes. The wiry haired fox terrier will capture foxes even from thick bushes to please their hunter owner. You may find its top coat a bit harsh and thick; that’s why it can squeeze through such scrublands. These pups can easily dig under or climb over on the signal of their trainers.

10. Border Terrier

Here is an adorable and active wired haired dog breed that can be chosen in a variety of colorways. The border terrier pups are small but fairly long leg types that can be super fit for different hunting or domestic activities.

Border Terrier

These lovely lapdogs are full of spunk and have lots of positive features. These are highly trainable puppies with a strong temperament. You can take them for outdoor walks to increase socialization with these dogs. As they are so energetic, you can consider them for hours of adventures.

11. Brussels Griffon

Another form of Griffon dog is Brussels! They are also known as Belgium Griffons because of their origins. These dog breeds have longer bread on their tiny face which looks quite rare. The wider and blackish eyes give an impression of a hazardous pup coming toward you.

Brussels Griffon

The Brussels Griffon dogs are extremely bonded with their owners and train themselves quickly. If we talk about the overall appearance, you will find them smaller and shorter in height. These shaggy dogs also contain petite hair, which definitely requires low maintenance and grooming.

These pups are mostly available in blackish shades with blue eyes. Some of the mats are also in reddish-brown colorways, which looks stunning in bushes, which is why they are preferred as hunting dogs.

12. English Pointer

Here comes the longest puppy on my top list! The English pointer is larger and is about 28 inches in height. This breed has a well-balanced head and heavier ears, which features a big brain and a bold personality.

English Pointer

It is called the pointer because of its stance. In the standing position, the nose is parallel to the tail, and other body parts are aligned with them. These are independent dogs with a sturdy nature but require regular exercise sessions to reduce aggression.

This dog breed needs little more care, especially in regions of harsh winters. You may need cold weather clothing and additional accessories to take care of these cute pups.

13. Scottish Terrier

The best watchdog on this list is the Scottish Terrier. This adorable dog breed is featuring with powerful bark and some human like qualities.

Scottish Terrier wired haired dog breed

You will notice many Scottie fans because of its compact body and obliging nature. The charming personality also inspires you to consider it as your home pet. This breed has two coats: a top coat is wiry, and an undercoat is denser. Therefore, you may need weekly grooming and more maintenance than other pup categories.

14. Airedale Terrier

The Airedale is the most sensitive dog breed in wired haired form. Once you have trained this pup, you will get plenty of affection from their side as they love dogs, especially their owner and family members.

Airedale Terrier wired dog

You may need to give more time and devotion to Airedale Terrier puppies. They are quite intelligent and stronger dogs, so that you might see plenty of holes in your yard. These dog breeds love to chase and dig as per their owners’ orders. The longer head with mustache and beard looks fantastic, creating anxiety in your hunts. If you do regular trimming and grooming, these puppies will look better than any expensive dog breed.

Mostly, you will find these pups in the United Kingdom, also known as the King of Terrier. The scruffy appearance makes them the right choice as a guard dog for any householder.

15. Miniature Dachshund

Lastly, check out this miniature wire haired dachshund which is a tiny pup but contains lots of positive impacts on their personality. A thick outercoat and long whiskers on the face make it distinctive from other dog breeds.

Miniature Dachshund haired dog

The undercoat is soft and generates multiple color patches, which are the trademark signs of miniature dachshund dogs. Your kids will surely enjoy the catch small game with this pup as it greatly obliges their owners and other family members. You can get multiple color patterns in this dog breed which can be chosen as per your own preference.

Groom your Wired Haired Puppy

After reading the top wired haired dog breeds, you must think about the grooming of these dog breeds. The most common question is, do these dog breeds shed?

As a pet owner, you have to care for your furry friends so that they will look glossy. A low shedding category is always a preferred one for them.

Here is good news for you is that these most of these dog breeds require low maintenance and grooming. More often or not, you need weekly shedding and bath them after a month. If you don’t have a pet salon near you, you can do the hand stripping process to remove dead hair from their top coat and consider one or two detailed grooming sessions in a year.

If you shed wired haired dog breeds quite a lot, then they will have more periods than routine. So, you have balanced the shedding scenarios for the right care.

Question Answers about Weird Haired Dog Breeds

What dog breeds have wire coats?

The most common dog breeds with wire coats are wire fox terrier, schnauzer, German wired haired pointer, Scottish terrier, and wire haired vizsla. Many other forms of pups are also available, with wire coats. Some of them are medium or lower wire coats; others might have higher wire coats on their bodies.

What terrier has wire hair?

The wire fox terrier contains wire hair on their top coat. You can consider these puppies your hunting dogs because they can easily squeeze through the thick brushes. The name also suggests that these dogs help their owners chase the foxes in the forests.

Do wirehaired terriers make good pets?

Of course, wirehaired terriers can be a perfect option to adopt as a home pet. Most types of wirehaired dogs are well mannered with their owners’ family members, especially their children, which makes them the right choice as a household pet.

Do wirehaired dogs shed?

The outercoat of these dogs is softer, so it doesn’t require shedding very often. It can easily protect itself in harsh cold seasons. This is the major reason that wirehaired dogs are the optimum choice for allergy sufferers.

What kinds of terriers are hypoallergenic?

The wirehaired terriers are hypoallergenic dog breeds, and the most popular types of them are miniature schnauzers, poodle, Yorkshire terrier, and Scottish terrier.

Final Thoughts 

You will surely find these pups more energetic, friendly, and healthy. Most of these wired haired dog breeds require low maintenance and grooming. This is the major reason that many pet owners prefer this class of haired puppies.

Still, you must find your preferred furry friend wisely because many contacting breeders in the current marketplace offer you various fresher haired dogs. Pet owners should explore and adopt the right companion according to their needs.

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