My Dog Won’t Let Cut His Nails – Expert Tips

If you are thinking about taking a step back from the dog nail trimming process just because your dog won’t cut his nails or you can’t control his aggression while clipping his nails. Of course, you can take assistance from a professional dog groomer.

But wait!

This nail trimming procedure is not as difficult as you might be thinking now. In fact, you can complete this DIY job within a few minutes by using the right utilities and the simple desensitization technique.

Stay tuned here to learn every aspect of the nail trimming project:

The Bottom Line Upfront – Accept the Challenge of Dog Nail Trimming

Are you in a hurry! Just have a quick wrap of two major problems along with their solutions to why your dogs are not interested in cutting their nails:

1. Never touch your dog’s paws straightaway; it might be a weird thing for them. Make the nail trimming process slower. Hold his paw for no reason and check his mood. If he never misbehaves, only they move on to touch or cut his nails.

2. The second major reason is your dog’s fear of nail trimming tools. The ultimate solution is to try introducing a nail cutter to your dog and feeling them relax with it, just like a toy. Touch the trimmer with his nails and make a friendly environment before the nail trimming process.


Well, this short tour is just a start to figure out the exact problem with its solution; now let’s move on to comprehensive overview of this DIY dog grooming problem: 

Why Dogs won’t Let me Cut Nails? Major Reasons

Knowing why your dog doesn’t like to cut his nails is important. If you get the answer to this query, it will become easier for you to cut a dog’s nails on your own.

Actually, there is not a single reason for this dog’s fear; there are plenty of causes that you should understand before going on the main trimming process. Once you know these reasons, your next job of dog grooming and nail trimming will become much easier:

  • Suddenly Grabbing the Paws is a Weird Technique

If you straightaway start touching your pet’s legs or cutting his nails, your dog will surely feel discomfort or may show his aggression.

Honestly, this happens to all of us; you may also be freaked out. You must mentally prepare your pet for this act, so that your dog will never be nervous or run away from the scenario.

This is the main reason why your dog is afraid of cutting his nails and keeps avoiding this nail trimming method.

  • Nail Trimming Tools are Always Threatening Objects for Pets

The nail cutters never look like a friendly object for anyone. Similarly, your pet doesn’t like the nail clippers very first sight.

Your puppy start thinking that these tools are threatening objects or injure them. There is a certain chance that your pets may show some aggression actually to defend themselves. So, you must be very careful and behave gently to control the situation.

An Easy Solution – Fixing these Two Problems

After knowing these causes, it is also important that you should know how to find the solution to these problems. There are several ways to take over these glitches which give confidence to your pet or get them ready for nail trimming sessions:

  • Always Start Pet Nail Cutting Job Very Slowly

It is highly recommended to start this nail trimming process slowly. Just hold or touch your dog’s paws and relax them. Your pet should feel it’s not a big deal if somebody touches his legs.

Now you can gradually move your hands towards their nails and notice your dog’s mood. If you think he is comfortable with that, hold his paws in your hand for longer, just like you are cutting his nails.

If your dog doesn’t misbehave, you can start the nail cutting process and trim nails confidently. But again, never hurried the situation; you should be gentle until you have done the last nail clipping.

  • Introduce the Trimmer to your Furry Friend

Another great way to comfort your pet during nail clipping is to give them a gesture that the nail clipper is just a toy.

If your dog is positively associated with your trimming tool, your job will become much easier. It looks fascinating when you move the nail cutter closer to your pet’s paws or even touch his nails. After this overtone, you can move forward and do the dog nail trimming task comfortably. 

Nail Trimming Tools

Your dog’s reaction highly depends on the tools you use to trim the dog’s nails. It’s not a good idea to directly threaten his nails with a stiff trimming tool; you can make some adjustments to stop your dog from aggression.

Here you can categorize nail clipping tools into three major types which are:

1. Scissor Style

The scissor style clipper is the most common nail trimming tool, which works for most dogs and is a more comfortable nail-cutting gear than all the other choices.

Here you have the option to cut dog nails in the top to bottom or side to side directions without any hurdle.  

2. Guillotine

Another classic form of dog nail trimming is the guillotine, which clips the nails from bottom to top. With this gadget, you must take its blade from the base to trim the nails efficiently.   

You have to maintain this tool, or I should say its blade. The dull blade will surely cause distress to your pet, so your guillotine blade should be sharped enough to cut the nails immediately.

3. Nail Grinder

The most innovative type of nail clipper is the nail grinder. It is a handheld electric sander that chores the nails just like a craftsman and shapes the nails in any style.

Must remember that this grinder may produce sound and vibration, too, which is disliked by most dogs. If you are looking to purchase this nail grinder, then it is better to choose an industrial-style nail grinder. It will give you better control and precision in your work without disturbance.

The Desensitization Process

Another great way of changing the environment from nail trimming to a more friendly one can be achieved with desensitization. This method may not work if your pet is showing aggression or is in extreme fear. But the good news is that it works in most scenarios, and you will eventually get the reward.

You have to show patience with this technique because it may take your whole day or at least a lot of time to normalize your pet. Many certified dog trainers adopt this technique, and you will surely feel awesome when they cut your dog’s nails in no time and without any damage.

If you are struggling with how to cut puppy nails here is a guide.

What do we Need for Desensitization?

You must gather a few necessary gadgets before moving on to your first exercise of dog nail trimming. It is better to stack these items nearby you before proceeding with the desensitization process.

  • You should bring some awesome treats for your dog to reward him.
  • If your dog is too energetic, then arrange a training clicker.
  • Also, bring a friendly nail trimming tool.
  • A calm voice and calm attitude; you must have both these elements.
  • Blood-stopping powder, or I should say quick blood stopper.

A Few Common Questions 

How do you clip a dog’s nails that won’t let you?

You should stay calm and patient if your dog won’t let you cut his nails. It is better to relax your dog with effective trimming tools and remove the nails without any stress.

How can I sedate my dog for grooming at home?

Benadryl is the right medication that will act as a mild tranquilizer. You should try this medication to sedate your dog before a DIY grooming session.

Can I give my dog Benadryl to clip his nails?

You should give a smaller amount of Benadryl to ease up the nerves of your furry friend during a nail clipping process. This estimation is about 2 to 4 milligrams of Benadryl medication per kilogram of your puppy’s weight.

Is it better to clip or grind the dog’s nails?

The nail clipping process never produces any sound. You don’t need to threaten your dog with the buzz of the grinder. If your pup is of the aggressive mod, then you should clip his nails with basic technique. The grinder method can be applied only to those dogs which sit in a peaceful manner.

How do you clip an aggressive dog’s nails?

You should gently touch the trimming tool to your puppy’s paw to familiarize it with your pup. It will give the first impression to your dog that this tool is not threatening. This trick will help the dog owners a lot to successfully clip the nails of their aggressive dogs.


That’s all from my side! Now it’s your turn to do a nail trimming session with your dog. If your dog won’t cut his nails, then take it as a challenge and initially try to figure out its causes before proceeding to the actual nail cutting process.

We all know that some pets contain too much energy, which is quite hard to control. You have to be calm and behave accordingly.

Never think about hurrying this process; otherwise, you will mess up with the situation, and your dog will never again cut his nails from you. It is better to execute this process slowly, and if your pet is afraid of trimming, then act just like this tool is a toy and touch this gadget to your dog’s paws or even nails to give him the right feel.

You will also find some basic introduction to nail trimming tools which increases your knowledge about these gears and helps you in the nail clipping process.

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