Can I Walk my Dog after Cutting the Quick – Ask Our Vet

If your pet groomer accidentally did a quick cut of your puppy, you might be thinking: Can I Walk my Dog after Cutting the Quick?

If you or your pet groomer cut your puppy’s nail too short, never be scared about this situation. You must stop the bleeding at the first stage and try to heal the injury before taking your dog for a walk after cutting the quick.

We all know that no pet owner wants to hurt their dogs. Sometimes, finding the nerve part of the nails will become difficult. This case will get worse in the case of solid black nails.

Here our specialist vet describes everything about cutting the quick, the bleeding control mechanism, and when you should walk your dog after trimming the quick.

The Basics of a Nail Quick

If you own a dog, you must know the anatomy of a dog’s nails. However, the concept of the quick is a bit different. It is actually the live tissue of a nail. There are tiny blood vessels in this quick portion of a nail, and it is pinkish color in most dog breeds. If the nail is in a dark format, the quick portion can also be seen in a darker shade.

You can say a nail’s blood supply helps grow it healthy. Therefore, if there is no quick, then there should be no nail growth in your puppy’s paw.

Dog Nail Growth Rate

You might think about the dog nail growth rate after understanding the basics of a nail quick and worried about the quick schedule changes. You may see some nails grow so rapidly while the growth rate of other dog breeds is quite low.

It’s actually not only the speed of nail growth; some other factors also put their part in this growth rate of a dog’s nail. These factors are the metabolism of nutrients, the quantity of vitamins, your dog food, and some other supplements taken by your puppy.

Besides all this, if you cut your puppy’s nails too short after every week or so, then this will also affect the growth rate of your dog’s nails.

Some More Knowledge: How the Quick Changes with a Dog’s Nail Growth

You may be surprised to see that the quick of your dog’s nail changes its behavior with the growth of the nail. The quick actually grows with your nail; the longer the nail, the faster the quick will grow. It means that if your notice the longer nails, especially touching the ground, then there is a certain chance that the quick is also long enough with it, and you need to put more focus on this pinkish portion of a nail.

Besides all this, the nail quick will arrive in the nail part is around seven to ten days, but these valves might change according to your dog’s breed.

Can I Walk my Dog after Cutting the Quick?

Don’t fret if you cut too many nails of your puppy and accidentally cut the quick as well. Sometimes, pro groomers also cut the quick, so there is no need to panic and closely monitor the bleeding in your puppy’s paw. Of course, you have plenty of ways to stop this blood loss of your pup. So, if you are finding a solution of what to do when you cut the quick or thinking about dog quick cut, then here you will learn the easiest way to control this terror situation:

1. Control your Panic

Well, the most important thing here is not to panic in this dreadful condition; otherwise, you will mess with the situation. Of course, you can’t control your pet if you get worried too much. You can also motivate yourself that even the specialist groomers also hot the quick frequently. Secondly, you might not know the exact toenail of your puppy, so you need to stay focused on controlling the bleeding.

2. Apply Gentle Pressure

You can start controlling the situation by applying a little pressure at the end of the nail to stop this blood flow. If you hold this bandage for some time, there is a certain chance that the bleeding will decrease. You can remove this quick dressing after an hour if it is completely stopped.

3. Rub a Cold Compress or Ice

Another faster way of recovering your dog from this situation is to rub an ice or cold compress on the toenail of your pup. This cool therapy will surely cause the vessels to at least shrink in their place. It will slow down the flow of blood. If you increase this healing time, then it will permanently stop your puppy’s paw.

4. Try Styptic Powder

If you want to stop nail bleeding quick, you should use styptic powder. This commercial product might pinch your furry friend but will heal this quick nail in no time. In addition, if you have corn starch in your home, you can apply it instead of styptic powder. This homemade hack will also do the same wonders on your dog’s nails.

5. Apply a Bandage

A firm bandage can also reduce the cut dog’s quick healing time. It’s a great idea to protect this wound from injury and save your puppy’s paw. Must remember that you don’t bandage too tight, which may cause your puppy to fall off. You just need to ensure that the bleeding is stopped and you are shielding your pup’s nails from more damage.

If you don’t have much time to read this whole process, then you can get an exact idea from this video:

Can a Dog Walk with a Cut Quick?

Good thing about most dogs is that they will never show any signs to their owners that they are in some sort of pain. If you accidentally cut a dog quick, then I am sure your puppy will never realize it you.

Your dog can even walk with a cut quick; you don’t know this quick’s situation. So, in such a scenario, it is better to let your puppy rest for a few days instead of taking your dog walk outside.

Walking Your Dog after Cutting the Quick

If your accidentally cutting dog’s quick in a routine, then you can consider your dog walking in this condition as well. Actually, if you cut the quick portion of their nail, your dog may not feel any pain. In case of quick bleeding, your dog might refuse to walk.

Before taking your dog out, you should take it to your lawn for some shorter walk sessions. If you notice some signs of blood, then you should not take your doggie out in this condition and give your pup some rest.

In the worst scenario, your dog may limp or even lick the affected foot of a damaged nail quick. These are dangerous symptoms; you should immediately take your puppy to your nearest vet.

How to Trim your Dog’s Nails without Cutting the Quick

You might see many dog nail trimming techniques, but our important concern is to trim your puppy’s nails without damaging the quick. If you focus and learn these steps, I hope you will not cut your dog’s nails too short. So, if you don’t want to cut the quick, then you must remember the following tricks:

  • Before jumping on to this nail trimming process, you must place your pup in any comfortable place in your home with crystal clear lighting.
  • Always trim the nails in shorter lengths to avoid reaching out to quick parts.
  • Hold your puppy’s paw in your hand and gradually lift it off the floor.
  • The position of your nail trimming tool is always placed at the curved portion of the nail.
  • If you find any difficulty holding your puppy, you can take assistance from any family member.
  • Your dog might be in some sort of stress or even aggression. In such a scenario, you should leave your puppy and let them take a break.
  • If you see any hair on the nails, you should get these hair to a side for a clear view of the nail.
  • If you regularly trim these nails, then you got the best idea about the growing nail and quick portion.

Some Common Questions about Cutting the Quick

How long does a dog quick take to heal?

The nail of your puppy will be back to normal after two weeks. In this time, the re-grown nail will protect the quick once again. However, your puppy can recover and feel much better after two to three days.

What to do after cutting a dog’s quick?

The most important thing after cutting a dog’s quick is not to panic. After this, you should control the flow of blood by applying a styptic powder, rubbing the toenail with ice, or even with a firm bandage,

What to do after cutting quick?

If you cut the quick of your dog’s nail, then you have to instantly gently compress the nail for two to three minutes with any softer cloth. It will stop the bleeding from your puppy’s paw.

How long does a dog’s nail take to heal after cutting it too short?

Well, there is no specific heating time for a cutting quick, but if you cut it too short, it may take three to eight weeks to recover from this dangerous injury completely.

How long does a dog’s quick bleeding last?

If the blood is continuously flowing from your dog’s paw for 20 to 30 minutes, then you have to take your furry friend to the nearest veterinarian immediately. The severity of the injury also matters in different dog breeds. However you need to be very tentative for the next 24 hours and closely monitor your dog’s nails.

Can I Walk my Dog after Cutting the Quick

If you accidentally cut the quick of your pup’s nails, you can take your puppy to a walk session, but you must make sure that your puppy is comfortable. Moreover, you need to avoid muddy areas and woodland surfaces until this nail wound has fully healed.

Does it Hurt When you Cut the Quick: Final Words

If you stop the bleeding of your puppy’s nail after cutting the quick, you have won half the battle. Here the good news is that you can still take your dog for a walk after cutting the quick. However, it doesn’t mean that your pup is not in pain. Most dog breeds will never show any pain to your owners.

As a dog owner, you must know the nail growth rate of your furry friend. It will help you to schedule the nail trimming process for your pup. You need to follow a set of instructions to trim your puppy’s nails. This will discourage you from cutting your puppy quick to short.

Our expert vet covers all the key aspects of cutting the quick. Here you will find a proven method to stop bleeding if you accidentally cut the quick. You will also learn how to take your puppy for a walk session and a complete nail trimming process without damaging the quick. If you find this article helpful, then must mention your remarks in the comment section:

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