The Stylish Long Haired Weiner Dog Breed – Honest Pet Advice about this Awesome Dachshund

Are you tired of considering different long-haired dog breeds but not satisfied with their traits? Here our expert vet will give you the right advice about another fluffy and stylish long haired Weiner dog breed bases on some true facts.

You can’t get the right training and care guides for most puppies; in the end, you may fail to groom and train them as per your preferences. Knowing the right information about your pet is important to utilize them according to your needs.

It’s time to sit peacefully and read this long haired dachshund comprehensive guide to educate yourself before purchasing this pet.

Long Haired Weiner Dog Breed – A Quick Glance

As a long haired dachshund owner, you must be aware of these dog traits. Once you adopt this puppy into your life, you have to care for every activity of your pet. Although this Weiner dog will show aggression to strangers and is hard to train in some cases, you need to socialize your pup and maintain its grooming activity for the right care.

The right nutrition, regular grooming, and cleaning sessions will help you regulate this dog in your own way. You will find this pet affordable with a longer, happier, and healthier life, but make sure you give your pup the right care.


What is a Long Haired Dachshund?

The Dachshund originated from Germany way back around 600 years ago. The initial popularity of this dog over other short haired dogs is the great smell sense and smaller dimensions with fluffy style.

Queen Victoria also kept this long-haired dog in royal courts, and the people of United States and England loved this blonde-haired Weiner dog in this living space. This will make this puppy so popular.

Although these pets are a bit difficult to train, many pet owners love to cuddle the smooth and fluffy little dachshunds without any doubt. The standard format of this dachshund can easily be obtained for just $300 to $1000, but if you want to purchase a miniature or long haired red Weiner dog, you might invest around $700 to $1500 to get your favorite dog.

Characteristics of Long Haired Weiner Dogs – 7 Things that you Need to Know

If you are concerned about purchasing this haired dachshund, you should know some of its important traits. This will help you to understand and take care of this Weiner dog. The advantages of this dog breed are a bit different from short coat pups; you may even notice some good extra benefits in a long haired Weiner dog puppy:

1. Physical Appearance

This dog is shorter in height with stumpy legs. However, they are quite long. The eyes are quite bigger and more expressive. You can easily judge the mood of this dog breed from their eyes. The ears are a bit floppy, and the pointy snout. You will see lots of hair on the ears with wavy fur. The tail is straight with too much fur on it as well.

You can easily judge a long haired Weiner dog breed from all these expressive features. These are just general appearances of this doggie; many mixed breeds will show you some inherited characteristics.

2. Temperament

You will find this dog lively and brave, with a strong sense of smell. These puppies always want to catch the attention of their owners. They are vocal and aggressive in nature to other dogs or even humans. It is important to train this long haired Weiner dog at a younger age to control its temperament.

You will notice a certain change in the behavior of these dog breeds with regular training sessions. You can also control this strong temperament with larger spaces for these puppies. Instead of residing these dogs in shorter spaces like apartments, you have to allow them to move freely into larger gardens or backyards. They will also start digging in different places and enjoy easy movement. Another easy way to control their aggression is taking them for long walk sessions in a routine.

3. Color, Size, and Weight

The dimensions of a long haired Weiner dog breed are usually medium or even shorter in height. This attractive characteristic makes it quite convenient for homeowners to adopt these puppies. Moreover, the color options are infinite; the most common are black and tan with solid brown. You will also see a creamy white mixture in red or solid black, which also looks stylish.

Further, the average weight of these dogs is 11 to 18 pounds or a bit more in older ages. So, you can consider them easy to carry dogs with some nice cuddles in your laps.

4. Grooming Needs

Another question might be circulating in your mind: how to groom this long-haired puppy?

Due to the furry nature of these doggies, you will notice plenty of leaves or twigs in the hair of these puppies. Therefore, regular brushing and bathing will become a necessary part of their lives. If your dog loves playing outdoors, you need at least comb them twice a week to eliminate all these messes from their topcoat.

Another important aspect of these dog breeds is the nail trimming process. You have to schedule every two or three weeks to clip the nails of these dogs with the right tools and care because these pups may not like to be touched to their paws very often.

5. Price Comparison

The expected cost of this long haired Weiner dog is around $400 to $2000. You may be surprised to see this huge range; it is just because of so many varieties and different coats of these long-haired dachshunds. The food will only cost you $40 per month, and the grooming charges also vary from region to region and groomer to groomer.

You should get this puppy from a well-reputable breeder within this budget range. The ethical puppy breeder will never charge you higher or beyond this range, but if there is a higher price demand, you can consider another breeder.

6. Lifespan and Health Issues

A healthy, long-haired dachshund can easily live a happier life of 12 to 16 years. However, you must be aware of this dog breed’s major health issues. As a pet owner, it is important to list down the contact of your local emergency clinic or the vet for a piece of quick advice.

There are some specific health conditions in which you must visit the vet, or if the disease is getting more risky, when should you take this dachshund to the hospital?

One common issue in this dog breed is the spines effect due to their shorter legs, especially in the case of being overweight. So, you must be aware of it too.

7. Potential Behavior with Strangers

You must glance at the behavior of this long haired dachshund with the strangers. You may see some aggression with your guests or reserved behavior of these puppies during socialization. As a dog owner, now it’s your responsibility to educate your doggie about these matters and improve their potential behavior with strangers.

How to Train a Hairy Weiner Dog – 5 Simple Instructions

Another important part of dachshund puppies is their training stages. There are plenty of training formats that you should know as a dog owner to accumulate this heavy coat dog. The good news is that these haired dogs are quick learners, so you don’t need to put much effort into their training.

Just keep an eye on the following skills without taking any assistance from a professional dog trainer for your miniature long haired Weiner dog:

1. Train the Basic Command Words:

In the early days, you need to develop the basic instructions for this dog breed so that they can get full command of your puppy. You should consistently use these command words in their early training days. It will also help your dog to recognize your voice and follow the instructions given to you.

2. Bring a New Crate or Rattletrap:

You can excite your puppy by bringing a new house for them. A rattletrap or a crate is a perfect option for your furry friend to sleep or spend their free time. In the early days, if your Weiner dog stays in it, you should lock this cage, but later it may not be a necessary choice.

3. Potty Training is the Key:

If this long Weiner dog has just arrived, you will feel odor from different places in your living area. The pet messes are leftover everywhere in your home, but once you train them about this, you can easily control this scenario because this dog usually goes to the location for a poop each time.

4. Walking on a Leash:

As a dog owner, you must give your pup road awareness and some of the voice commands for safety purposes. It will help you quickly train this Weiner puppy about walking with anyone.

A Detail Care Guide of Long Haired Weiner

I am sure you are looking for a care guide for this long haired dachshund. If you have already adopted this dog breed in your loving home, then you should focus on the following points to maintain the lifestyle of your pet:

1. Exercise Requirements

You have to do lots of exercises compared to other dog breeds or short haired puppies. The dachshund dog’s long hair can only be maintained with this physical hobby. You need at least 45 minutes of exercise on daily basis to keep these dogs on their leash.

You can also play some fun-loving games with this dachshund. It will also help these dog breeds to maintain a perfect temperament. You also need to track these activities so that you will not over-exercise them.

2. Grooming and Bathing

You need to keep track of the grooming appointments of this pup. You have to do regular bathing and brushing, which should be done at least twice a week. To maintain this dog’s fur, you must take these puppies to your local groomer for a quick haircut. Also, trim the paw hair and nails as you feel they are touching the ground.

All these grooming activities should be scheduled for this long haired chocolate dachshund. One more thing that you will notice is that if you are the long hair of these dogs properly, it will make them so happy.

3. Nutrition and Feeding

If you ask for the perfect diet for a blonde long haired Weiner dog, then 2 cups of kibble per day provide enough nutrition for these puppies. You can also add their favorite treats to this diet plan. However, ensure you keep human food away from these dog breeds.

Another ideal diet schedule for these pups is that you give one cop of meal in the morning timings and the other right before playtime of these dogs. It is a healthy and balanced diet for these dog breeds and will always build them strong.

4. The Cleaning Process

You need to consider many things in these dog breeds’ cleaning process. The cleaning essentials include teeth, ears, and nails, which should be done with the right gadgets for these furry dogs. Some regular grooming sessions will make the other cleaning tasks so easy, and, in some cases, you don’t need to make the cleaning schedule for these dogs.

5. Known Health Problems

Finally, you have to keep a closer look at the health issues of this wired haired puppy. You should put some important medicines in your home to give them an instant dose and ensure that the vet’s contact is always on top of your list. You can also treat the common sicknesses of these dog breeds on your own or give them the medication on the advice of their vet.

Long Haired Weiner Dog Breed – FAQs

What is a long haired Weiner dog called?

You can call a long haired Weiner dog a Dachshund or Miniature. The coats of these puppies are usually longer and softer. They are standard-size breeds and have proven to be the best pet dogs for any family.

Are there long haired Weiner dogs?

The main difference between a shaved Weiner dog and a long haired pup is the coat length. You will notice six inches lengthier hair for a long haired dachshund. It is the max length for all other smooth haired puppies and is unique in appearance.

Is a long haired dachshund a good family dog?

These dog breeds are the best watchdogs and are loyal to their owners. They will not harm your children or any of your family members. Although it is a bit tough to train these puppies, you can still trust them as your pets.

What are the fluffy Weiner dogs called?

You can call the Weiner long dog hair a Dachshund. Of course, there are three formats in this dog breed depending on the length of their hair, and there is a certain difference in the weight of these puppies, but the most common are fluffy Weiner dogs.

Do dachshunds like to cuddle?

This long haired black dachshund never cuddles with everyone and prefers to hug only their favorite personalities. This dog breed loves to cuddle with humans whenever they get this chance. You will find them in your laps in seconds.

Are long haired dachshunds more expensive?

If you compare the price of a long haired brown dachshund with other dog breeds, then you will find these Dachshunds quite affordable. The average price of a miniature is around $700 to $1500, and the classic format of this category of puppies is easily available in a $300 to $1000 budget.

What is the lifespan of a long-haired dachshund?

The average life of a long haired Weiner dog breed is about 12 to 15 years. These Dachshunds mostly live healthier life and have proven as great human companionships.

Are long haired dachshunds aggressive?

The long haired dachshund may show you lots of aggression, but you can control this trait of these puppies with proper training. It is better to regulate this aggression under age with some positive reinforcement techniques during their early training.

Are long haired dachshunds loud?

The sound of these long haired dachshunds is very lively and vocal. Training these dog breeds about this loudness issue at younger ages is better because it can be difficult to train puppies about such traits in older times.

Keeping this Dog Breed Happy – Final Words

This comprehensive guide will help keep your long haired Weiner dog happy and healthy. Our experts have covered all important aspects of this dog breed and delivered a clear view of these puppies.

You can trust the information provided in this article and the important techniques to train and care for these dog breeds. It will surely work for you if you follow these instructions in the right manner.

If you don’t trust these long-haired dachshunds before reading this article, then you might love these puppies now and think about purchasing a fluffy pet.

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