All of Sudden My Dog Spinning in Circles and Panting – Is It a Normal Behavior?

If you return to your relaxing place from a busy day and find your dog spinning in circles and panting, this behavioral change will definitely take your attention. Your dog may act abnormally and sprint on one track for various reasons.

It isn’t normal if your puppy is chasing its tail without a break. This neurological condition can be considered a clinical sign and should be treated immediately to comfort your puppy.

In this article, we will explore some major causes of this strange act of your pup and its best treatment from the advice of our professional veterinarian.

My Dog Spinning in Circles and Panting – A Short Overview

Your dog might be sprinting in circles due to various reasons. Any injury, anxiety, disease, or other stressful situation to this behavioral change in your puppy.

As a pet owner, you should try to overcome this scenario with the help of your vet. Any disease should be immediately treated, and if this problem is triggered due to some behavioral problem, then you have to find its appropriate solution for the comfort of your lovely dog.

10 Reasons Why a Dog Spinning in Circles and Panting – A Few Common Diseases

Now, an important query might circulate in your mind: Why is my dog spinning in circles and panting? Then here, let me clear one thing at the start there can be plenty of reasons for this abnormal activity of your pup. Sometimes, the dog walking circles happen due to some anxiety or stressful situation. Your dog might act weird due to pain or a tumor attack.

We have compiled all the causes of this strange behavior into ten main reasons, which are:

1. Ear Infection

There are various bacterial or fungal infections in the ear of any dog. These disorders will seriously affect the balance of your puppy. If it happens at the inner part of the ear, then you will also notice the symptoms of redness around the ear, eye focusing, and an unpleasant scent coming from your doggie’s ears.

This infection can be painful and bring some anxiety to your puppy. You will suddenly notice your pup sprinting in circles, even in a normal routine.

2. Canine Dementia

The canine Dementia problem directly affects your puppy’s brain, and you will notice lots of confusion and anxiety in your doggie’s behavior. It looks quite surprising that your dog forgets all its owners’ familiar commands and instructions due to canine cognitive dysfunction. The spinning circles and pacing with no reason are also the symptoms of this cognitive dysfunction, along with some general signs of this misbehavior.

3. Brain Inflammation

If your dog keeps running in circles, it can also happen due to inflammatory brain diseases. The problem starts from any fungal infection and later damages any brain tissue. You might see some seizure attacks or sudden changes in your pet’s behavior.

In this case, your vet will definitely suggest an MRI test to investigate this problem from the back of your doggie’s head.

4. Head Injuries

Your furry dog might lose its balance, panting or limping during a walk because of a head injury. Various accidents may happen with your puppy, and you may realize it late. You may see this injury with head swelling if you suddenly touch the damaged part of your dog’s head, and your pup will immediately start crying in pain.

5. Ataxia

Your dog is spinning in circles and panting because of various ataxia conditions. These disorders can also affect your puppy’s balance or speech and later lead to various swallowing issues.

Sometimes, it will also disturb the eye movements and other muscles or connections of important parts of your pup’s body. You should immediately approach your nearest vet if you notice any of the symptoms.

6. Stroke

The stroke issue is usually referred to in human science, but still, this problem will disturb the blood flow in your dog’s brain if not properly tackled. If your dog is walking in circles or forgetting how to balance itself, a blood vessel burst may occur.

Besides this. Head strokes sometimes become seriously dangerous in puppies, so you should immediately contact the vet if you see any signs of this disease.

7. Brain Tumor

The symptoms of brain tumors are also loss of balance and some walking confusion in dogs. If your notice your puppy is sprinting in a disoriented way and this behavior is repetitive, then its major cause may be a brain tumor. In this situation, you must instantly approach your vet for an MRI or some other brain infection test.

8. Cushing’s Disease

If you see excessive panting with increased thirst and hunger, your puppy will surely suffer from Cushing’s disease. Your dog will act quite strangely and sometimes get energy less in no time. If you don’t take these behavior changes seriously, you might face weight fluctuation or reduced activity in your pet.

9. Poisoning

Every now and then, your dog gets poisoned by snail bait, cough syrup, or antifreeze items. You will notice continuous vomiting, seizure attack, and panting in your puppies. These toxic signs can become too dangerous and cause serious damage. Make sure you take your dog to the nearest vet as quickly as possible, especially when your pup has ingested any toxic product.

10. Any Behavioral Problem

Any type of abnormality in dogs should be addressed to the vet for the right advice. Your dog may act in a different matter occasionally. However, if you see any major change in the behavior of your puppy or any canine cognitive dysfunction, then your dog spinning in circles and panting from this behavioral problem. You also need to take this disorder seriously and ask the vet for a piece of quick advice.

Treatment Options for Circling Dogs

Now, after understanding the main causes of why does my dog spin in circles. You must know some treatments for this abnormal behavior in your pets. As you have learned that your dog suffers from this disorder on any injury or anxiety of disease. It’s the right time to apply any ongoing treatment to recover your canine from this condition.

You can stop a dog’s spinning behavior in some of the following ways:

  • If the dog walking in circles problem starts from any dietary issue, then you should change the nutrition plan of your doggie and later check its effects. Further, you can also discuss it with your vet and ask to make a perfect diet plan according to your dog’s breed.
  • If you don’t know why a dog is doing abnormal behavior, and there is no health problem in its test reports, then you can arrange behavioral training sessions to help your puppy.
  • Your dog might do this act due to any health issue. In this case, you have to arrange consistent oral medication or surgical treatment for your dog or whichever is advised by any professional veterinarian.
  • You can also reduce the anxiety or stress in your pup’s mind with a routine outdoor walk or exercise.
  • Canine cognitive disease in dogs can only manage with a healthy diet plan or environmental change.

People Also Ask!

Why is my dog acting weird all of a sudden and panting?

Some major reasons for panting in dogs are anxiety, restlessness, or other similar stressful situations. These misbehaviors directly impact the health of your puppy, and you will notice many other weird reactions as well in your pup.

What does it mean if a dog is spinning?

If your puppy is frequently sprinting in circles, this can happen due to some neurological issue. You should immediately contact your vet in this situation before it gets worse.

Why is my dog frantically running in circles?

Sometimes the dog will sprint in circles, and the owners think their pets want to release their energies. However, this abnormal activity in your puppy can also happen in stressful situations or when your dog is in an anxious mood.

Why is my dog staggering and panting?

Although panting is a normal sign for any dog, if your dog continuously spins in circles, it can also result in any medical issue or injury. Your pup may be in some sort of tension or anxiety that needs to be removed for your dog’s comfort.

How do you know if your dog is having a stroke?

Some common signs of a stroke are abnormal facial expressions, head tilt, vomiting, and collapse. You may also see your puppy sprinting in circles and panting in this situation which should be controlled before any mishap.

Closing Note – Why is My Dog Spinning in Circles and Panting

Never wait for any miracle to happen if your dog continuously sprints in circles. It is not only the anxiety behavior of your pup; in fact, your dog may act abnormally due to intense pain or any other serious health issue. It’s the right time to help your pets and never leave them in such a painful or stressful situation.

You have to properly diagnose the exact reason for this strange behavior of your puppy and determine the right treatment with any professional vet’s help before it worsens.

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