How Many Seizures Can a Dog Have Before Die?

You might feel scared when your puppy is in a seizure condition; instead of wondering around, you should make your furry friend comfortable because this situation might seriously damage the health of your doggie friend. Your neighbor may also deal with this intense situation and face some injuries by handling it in the wrong way. So, must learn the right answer of how many seizures can a dog have before die.

As a pet owner, it’s your responsibility to help your puppy in this condition. Here our expert vet will reveal the symptoms of a dog seizure that you might never see before and important steps to control this hazardous situation quickly.

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A Quick Solution…

If you don’t have the time to read the entire guide, let me give you some quick answers to your confusion. Any seizure lasting for one or two minutes is not dangerous for your furry friend. Still, the scenario will become extremely dangerous if your dog is frequently in this condition or receives three seizures in the next 24 hours.

Moreover, if any seizure continues for five minutes. You have to immediately take your dog to the nearest vet because this condition is alarming and can result in your puppy’s death.

Now, if you have time and looking to get complete knowledge about this serious matter, then you must read this whole guide:

What is a Dog Seizure?

A seizure is an abnormal movement or sensation in any dog caused by different diseases. You will see unexpected electric tremors from your puppies’ brains, and your dog’s behavior will suddenly be changed. Here, let me show you some seizure attacks in dogs in a visual guide so that you will get a precise idea about it:

If it lasts more than three minutes, this condition may damage the neurons and disturb your dog’s brain in no time. You should approach your nearest vet if you notice this condition in your puppy two or three times a day. Any seizure lasting more than five minutes is also quite destructive and might result in serious diseases in your dog.

Types of Seizures in Dogs

If you are a pet owner, you must know all the forms of dog seizures. The seizure symptoms or signs may be a bit different in these types. The canine attacks may occur contrarily, or any other form may cause different damages. You must know the symptoms and treatment of various seizures for the right care of your pet, which will be discussed later in this article.

1. Focal Seizures – It is the least serious form of dog seizure that can only affect a specific muscle, any limb, or a single part of your dog’s body.

2. Petit Mal Seizures – The Petit Mal Seizure is also minor and may only last for a few seconds. It is also less harmful than other forms of dog seizures.

3. Tonic-Clonic or Grand Mal Seizures – You might notice this kind of seizure in any part of your pup’s body. You will see foam in the month of your dog, and some muscles might shrink in this condition.

4. Cluster Seizures – This one is alarming if you quickly notice multiple grand mal seizures in your dog. Cluster seizures in dogs are serious and need instant treatment.

5. Atonic Seizures – The last type of dog seizure is the Atonic, in which your dog might go limp and fall in no time. You have to react immediately and make your puppy comfortable with some cuddles to calm him down. Also must call the vet for some quick treatment on the spot.

Symptoms of Dog Seizures

Another important aspect in this regard is the seizure symptoms; you must know when a seizure occurs. If you notice any of the below-mentioned conditions in your puppy, you must immediately approach your vet for treatment:

  • Twitching of muscles or any other uncontrollable muscular movements
  • Lots of foam coming from the month of your pup
  • Collapsing on the floor
  • Losing mind or misbehaving
  • If your puppy can’t control his bladder
  • Dilated pupils

Helping your Dogs during Seizures – 6 Steps to Follow

Now, you might be thinking, how can I help your dog during a seizure attack? If you know the symptoms and types of seizures, then you can support your pet friend in a better way and protect him from a variety of harmful risks.

Of course, prolonged seizures are dangerous, and if this condition lasts longer, then this epilepsy might cause the death of your lovely pup. You must be worried about your pet if you notice continuous seizure attacks with an hour or at least three seizures in a day.

Let’s discuss here a few tricks to support your puppy in this scenario:

Step 1: Be Safe and Protect your Dog

You must protect your lovely puppy along with you. The dog may violate during a seizure attack, so you must be ready if this condition happens at any risky spot, like nearby stairs or a fireplace, then move your pet gently to a safer place.

Most pet owners wrap their dogs in a blanket for protection, which is not bad. If you are doing so, then remove the thick blanket from their body immediately after getting rid of hazardous signs to discourage heat retention.

Step 2: Don’t Touch your dog’s Mouth

You might see your dog eating the tongue in such an epilepsy condition. Even in this scenario, you are not allowed to touch your pup’s mouth. Besides this, don’t try to put anything in your dog’s mouth because, in some cases, it is noticed that the dogs try to swallow their tongue in a seizure. Therefore, you must keep any object and yourself away from your dog.

Step 3: Time the Seizure

Another important thing that you must notice is the time of your dog’s seizures. You must be more stressed and arrange a quick treatment, especially if the seizure lasts five minutes or more. Your vet will definitely ask for the time of your puppy’s seizure attacks.

Step 4: Start a Seizure Log

You have to document all the previous seizure attacks of your puppy. It is better to mark it on your annual calendar or create a separate seizure log or history in any format. This activity of your pup must be maintained accurately for the right treatment.

Step 5: Prepare for Post-Seizure Behavior

You will surely see some abnormal activities in the post-seizure of your dog. The dog owner must protect their puppies in this condition and always get ready for any hazardous behavior.

Your dog may fall, try to reach higher places, like on top of furniture, or even find walking difficult. If you don’t take your pet to a clinical emergency for care, you must give special care to it by protecting it in a safer place.

Step 6: Call your Vet

It is not necessary to take vet advice on every seizure attack. You should only call your veterinarian on frequent and longer seizures. So, you must precisely obverse the right time to approach your vet.

Major Causes of Dog Seizures

You also need to identify the exact reason for this epilepsy condition and share them with your vet for better treatment. There are several causes of seizures in dogs, and it is difficult for the dog owner to investigate the right source of these attacks. Sometimes the dog dies of this disease, and the household never knows its actual reason.

To save yourself from these circumstances, you must observe the following causes of dog seizures:

  • Brain Tumors – It is the most common reason for a seizure in your puppy. There is a certain chance of epilepsy attacks in older dogs suffering from a brain tumor. If you diagnose this disease in your furry doggie, you should prepare for frequent seizure spells.
  • Infections or Head Injury – Any head injury may also cause the dog seizures. Although there is less chance of this disease on every head damage, you should tell such infection to your vet before a seizure treatment.
  • Blood Glucose (Sugar) – If your pet is older and suffering from low blood sugar, it might attack your puppy’s brain and can cause serious seizures.
  • Liver Disease – Liver disease is also one of the common causes of dog seizures. A damaged liver will build different types of poison in the bloodstream, and if this toxin goes up to the neurons, you must be ready for regular seizures in your adult dog.
  • Cushing’s Disease – In most Cushing diseases, a pituitary gland grows in the brain, which can also be the reason for a seizure in your puppy.
  • Hypothyroidism – Sometimes, the metabolism slows down due to a condition in which the thyroid hormone is getting lower in the bloodstream. This disease is known as hypothyroidism, one of the genuine reasons for dog seizures.

How can I Prevent Seizures in My Dog?

To prevent seizures in your dog, you must consider some key factors to avoid this trigger. It will help if you secure your dog from head injury or any solid stroke on its head. It may cause bleeding inside the brain or a blood clot which leads to a seizure attack.

You can also reduce the risk of seizures in your puppies by stopping them from eating various poisons in your living space. Sometimes the dogs lick some chocolate on the floor surface. This chocolate poisoning in dogs is quite dangerous and causes some serious seizure attacks. Some toxic plants like azalea or yew may increase seizure attacks in your pets. Thus, you must prevent your dog from eating these things and avoid frequent seizure attacks in your pup.

Veterinary Treatment of my Pet’s Seizures

Our specialist vets also help us identify a few treatments worth mentioning here. Your nearby vet may also refer some of them to you. It is important to discourage the seizure in your dog instantly; otherwise, it might cause serious damage to your pet. Even if you need emergency clinical care for your dog, you must adopt it.

Moreover, your vet will surely ask about the causes of this disease, so as a dog owner, you must know the previous medication history of your pet. If your dog is already infected with this disease or eating any poison recently, you must convey it to your vet for better treatment.

If your personal vet recommends any diagnostic testing, you should also approach it to rescue your furry friend. Your vet will prescribe some medications for epilepsy and seizures, which you should give as per their schedule to stop this seizure activity.

Prescription Medications

Some medications that instantly take action against this disease are given here. Our vet expert has suggested these pills, which are applicable in most cases. However, it is better to ask your vet before adopting your pet:

  • Primidone
  • Phenobarbital
  • Potassium Bromide (KBr)
  • Zonisamide
  • Imepitoin
  • Keppra

Common Questions about How Many Seizures can a Dog have Before Die?

How many seizures can a dog have before brain damage?

The isolated seizure will not harm the dogs in most cases, but if you see frequent and longer seizures in your puppy, it may lead to serious brain or other health injuries. If your pup faces two or more seizures in a day, you should immediately approach your nearest vet.

Do seizures mean my dog is dying?

It’s not always the case that your dog is dying from a seizure, but this disease can cause serious damage to your pet in the form of head trauma, organ malfunction, and any other medical issue in no time.

How many seizures is too many for a dog?

If you notice two or three seizures close together or within a day, it’s a dangerous sign, and you must consult your dog’s vet instantly. As a pet owner, you also need to know some quick DIY treatments as well to help your lovely puppy.

How Long Can dogs live with seizures?

If your dog suffers from regular seizures, it will reduce its survival times. The average lifespan after frequent attacks in dogs is about two years. You can follow a treatment plan approved by any specialist vet to improve your pet’s life.

Can a dog survive multiple seizures?

Most seizure dog types don’t harm your pet, but if you notice multiple seizures in your dog, it will cause some serious damage, and there is less possibility that your dog will survive for a longer period.

When should you put a dog down because of seizures?

You must put your dog down if you see multiple seizures in 24 hours or if a single dog seizure lasts more than 5 minutes. You must protect your dog in these two seizure situations and call your vet for assistance.

Helping your Puppy during Seizures

I think you go enough knowledge about all the dog seizure attacks and their solutions. It’s quite difficult to respond perfectly in every scenario, but once you understand the symptoms and treatment, you might react in a better way.

You must ensure that you protect yourself and your pet during nasty seizure attacks because the dog may misbehave in this situation. You have to save him from the risk of death and instantly approach your vet.

The prescribed medications should be adopted for better treatment and the future protection of your pet. It will extend your pup’s life and help to live a happier life.

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