How to Trim Angry Cat Claws Safely – Step-by-Step Guide of Groomburg’s Team

Does your kitten hate getting their nails cut? Sometimes the cats show aggression if you touch their paws and make this process more difficult. All cat owners must learn the right approach of how to trim angry cat claws given in this exciting guide to ease their lives.

The nails of almost all cat breeds will grow quickly and need to be clipped every month. If you never notice the nail development of your cats, then you will surely see infections in their paws very soon. Moreover, the long nails of your kitties will mark ugly scratches on your luxurious flooring options.

Just make a schedule of cutting your kitty’s claws and try to stick to it. Our guidelines given in this article will do the rest. So, stay calm and keep reading!

Trimming Claws of an Angry Cat – A Short Answer

You should prepare yourself before start trimming the nails of any cat. If you train your kitty with a nail clipping tool, then your cat will start trusting you. You must reward your kitty friend with lovely cuddles and her favorite treat during the entire nail cutting process.

Further, start trimming your cat’s claws and talk to your kitty in a soothing manner during this difficult process. Your cat will start feeling comfortable if there is no accident happens.

Always observe the quick part closely, and never cut the pinkest area of any nail. Now, just finish off this process with some rewards for your kitty.

Why is it Necessary to Trim the Nails of your Cat?

Before learning the actual guide on trimming an angry cat’s claws, you should understand the importance of this exercise.

The nails of most cat breeds will grow quickly, and if you own a cat in your living space, you have to trim the nails of your kitty after a week or two. Otherwise, you might see some ugly scratches from these nails on your expensive floor surface. There is a certain chance that your cat will soon suffer from some serious infection as well.

Besides this, you shouldn’t wait for a professional grooming session for your kitty friend. The nail trimming process is so much easy and will take only 15-20 minutes. You should adopt a Do-It-Yourself approach to care for your cat’s claws.

How to Trim Angry Cat Claws – 5 Easy Steps

If you are confused about where to trim cat claws or how to cut the nails of a difficult cat, this section will cover all these important aspects and will guide you to trim the nails of an aggressive cat without any relaxing medication. You can’t handle this scenario alone and need assistance from any helper to avoid any mishap or injury for your kitty friend.

Now it’s time to sleeve up and gather the necessary tools required for this process with the right instructions for trimming an angry cat’s nails.

What You’ll Need

  • Nail Trimmer
  • Styptic Powder
  • Wrapping Towel
  • Nail Separator
  • Your Cat’s Favorite Treats
  • Any Helper or Member of your Family
  • Lots of Patience

Instructions to Follow

1. Prepare Yourself and Your Cat

The angry cats won’t easily allow you to cut their claw nails. So, you must think out of the box and prepare your aggressive cat naturally. You can hold your cat’s paw gently for some time or even massage it to relax your kitty friend. It’s a great idea to sit the cat in your lap for a comfortable feel.

You can closely observe the status of your cat’s claws in this position, and if your kitty is in a relaxing mood, then you should immediately start the nail trimming process from any of your cat’s claws.

2. Claw Training is Necessary

It is so important to train your cat about the process of trimming claw nails. You can gently touch the clipping tool to the claw of your kitty. If your cat is still in an angry mood, then this practice may go in vain, but you can still try it at once.

Furthermore, the best opportunity to trim angry cat claws is always wandering near you. Now, it is up to you how you can catch it. For instance, if your cat feels sleepy or allows you to touch its claws comfortably, you shouldn’t waste this chance.

3. Start Trimming with the Right Tool

You must use the perfect nail clipper for your kitty friend with a sharp tip to avoid accidents. Moreover, you should soothingly talk with your cat and try to make the environment positive all the way. The familiar tool and comfortable atmosphere will allow you to trim the claws of any aggressive cat.

You can’t hurry this situation. If your cat gets bored at any stage, you should stop clipping the nails and gently start gossiping with your kitty. If you feel that your tool is not in good working condition, then it’s the best time to make it sharp.

4. Look for the Quick Part

Accidents happen! Here you should look for a quick part of the nail to avoid any mishap. The quick is actually a vein or blood supply part in your cat’s nail. You will see a pinkish spot in the nail, which you need to avoid while trimming the nails. You will clearly locate this portion from its colorway. Cutting the nails a bit above this pink area is good practice.

You can easily avoid this vein if you hold your kitty friend in the right way and try to cut the claws at a 45-degree angle. Moreover, if you regularly trim the tips of the nails, then you will never hit this dangerous area of your cat’s claws.

5. Cut the Rest of your Cat’s Claws

Finally, you should finish all the nails of your kitty in a similar fashion. You can increase the number of cuddles and treats as you close this task. It will make this difficult process smooth with easy finishing.

If you find any trouble in this method, you can divide the rest of the task into different sessions. You can keep your angry cat happy with this act. Moreover, the rewards and some lovely cuddles at the end will also reduce the stress of your kitty friend.

How Often to Cut Cat Nails

Once you understand the process of how to trim angry cat claws, now you should also know the schedule of this task for different cat breeds. It’s quite easy to divide this nail clipping job into three categories. You can make a schedule according to the age of your cat, which are the kittens, the moderator kitties, and the older cats.

The nails of kittens will grow quickly, so you have to plan this trimming job every week. The moderator cat’s claws should be trimmed twice a month, while the older cats can be treated once or twice.

Besides all this, if you need sharper nails for your older cat, you should trim cat nails a couple of times a year or when these nails touch the ground.

Trimming Cat’s Nails – Expert Tips

Make sure you never miss out on these tips and tricks while trimming the nails of an aggressive cat. You can also relax your angry cat with these hacks and ease up the lives of your kitty:

  • Never rely only on traditional scissors; all cat owners must hold specialist tools especially when you are holding aggressive cats.
  • Make sure that your chosen place for this task is comfortable and quiet.
  • Always closely observe the quick part of the nail. Never try to touch the pinkish area of any nail.
  • Regularly touch your cat’s claws before starting the actual process.
  • Must remember that your kitty can pick up the energy at any time; you should be ready for it.
  • Use the right nail clipping tool for your cat with sharp edges to avoid mishaps.
  • Tool training is necessary for every cat.
  • This method must include some relaxing time or break; never finish this entire job in a single go.
  • If your cat is showing aggression, you can leave the situation for some time to norm things.
  • You should hold your cat’s favorite treats before starting this DIY task.

Also, Consider the Following Questions about Trimming Angry Cat Claws

How do you trim a cat’s nails when they hate it?

You should reduce every type of stress before trimming your cat’s nails. It will ease half of this job. If you are still not satisfied with the mood of your kitten, then you can also give your cat some sedative medication to avoid mishaps.

How do you cut a difficult cat’s claws?

You have to make your cat comfortable before touching her claws. If your kitty is in an aggressive mood, you must remove this anxiety by wrapping her in a softer towel or blanket. Once your cat is relaxed, you should start trimming the claw nails of the cat.

How do you immobilize a cat to trim nails?

You should gently restrain your kitten in a towel or reward it with its favorite treats to immobilize for nail trimming. Although it seems quite a tough task but you should handle this matter in a happy mood and lots of patience.

What can I give my cat to calm him down to cut his nails?

Sedative medication is the right treatment before a nail clipping process. It will relax your kitty from all types of anxieties, and you can calmly perform this task without any mishap.

How can I sedate my cat for grooming?

You can apply natural or medicated sedative methods to your cat just before any grooming session. Whether you want a quick haircut for your furry cat or need to trim the claw nails, you can effectively use this technique with minimum side effects.

Our Verdict about How to Trim Angry Cat Claws

Before finishing this important guide, must listen the important discussion and some quick answers by the vet in the following video:

Your behavior with your kitty will surely make or break the game of trimming the claws of your angry cat. Once you have planned to perform this task on your own, you must hold patience and never show your own aggression to your cat.

If you include some lovely cuddles and your cat’s favorite meal in this process, then your kitty friend will surely trust you. The tool training also makes this method extremely comfortable and reduces your cat’s stress.

Safety should be on top of your list; Good Luck!

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