The 11 Meanest and Most Aggressive Cat Breeds of 2022

Are you searching for affectionate kitties with lots of hostility? Here we will reveal the most aggressive cat breeds that are surprisingly super friendly and affectionate with their owners.

Although these cats look extremely cute and quite cuddly in nature but can be proven hazardous for other pets or kids in your home, so you need to think again before adopting them as domestic cats and get complete knowledge about these cat breeds.

Let’s discover these aggressive cats to help homeowners to sort out domestic cats. Here, you will also learn some common traits of these aggressive cat breeds to make your decision easier:

Most Aggressive Breeds of Cats? A Quick Summary

Don’t be afraid to own aggressive cats because they are super active and affectionate. Although you can’t control the temperament of these kitties, you can still enjoy some loveable cuddles from them.

The Siamese cats contain the deadliest aggression. The Sphynx type also has a similar nature, but if you are planning to purchase the Scottish Fold, then never deceive by its cute face because these cat breeds can also prove destructive. The Egyptian Mau also has a lovely appearance. The Pixie Bob and Panther cats require 24/7 attention from their owners to stay calm. So, if you want some hostility from your pets, you can easily trust these most aggressive cat breeds.

The 11 Most Aggressive Cat Breeds – Top Trendy Options

The cat breeds list is, of course, infinite; however, if you want to know the most aggressive cat breeds, we will show you some dangerous cat formats in this guide. The temperament of these kitties is difficult to control so you should think twice or thrice before choosing this type of cat breeds.

Though most homeowners think these cats are hostile or may create violence in their living space, that’s not true. These cat breeds are quite friendly and affectionate for their owners. Sometimes, they provide loving entertainment to your family as well.

Now, without any further ado, let’s learn the most popular cat breeds with lots of aggression:

1. Siamese

Siamese cats are popular because of their high energy level and affection for their owner. They want more attention and love from humans. You can say these cat breeds Siamese the meanest of all. The good thing about these kitties is that they will bond with any person very closely and are so affectionate with that human.


These cats will get jealous and leading too aggressive very quickly. They will also irritate other people and show serious aggression toward strangers. The colorways of Siamese cats are Blue, Chocolate Caramel, Tabby, and Lilac, which look very pretty in kitties.

2. Bengal

Another aggressive cat breed is the Bengal, a mix of leopards and house cats. The Bengal kitties also need more exercise and maintenance. You will find this cat breed mostly in black and brown color patterns.


These cats are wild and aggressive in extreme sports. As cat owners, you have to play with them all day to maintain their good moods. They are awfully energetic and want 24/7 attention from their owners. They will act aggressively towards strangers or may fight with your guests, so you have to keep these cats away from unfamiliar faces.

3. Scottish Fold

If you are looking for aggressive domestic cat breeds, you can trust on Scottish fold cats but never deceive from their cute face because they are also super aggressive cat breeds with some angry attitudes.

Scottish Fold

These cats are intelligent and enthusiastic so you can use them for good purposes. They are affectionate and charming kitties that need to be handled very gently. Moreover, you can’t leave these cats alone for too long because they will become more destructive or tends to fight with humans or other pets.

4. Sphynx

The Sphynx is also an aggressive cat breed, but the good thing about these pets is they are friendly with strangers. Moreover, these cats will never interact with other animals and will not harm them. Because of these positive traits, you can also put these cat breeds on top of the list to adopt as a pet.


The overall look of these cats is bald, as they have no hair. The Sphynx cats will irritate rather quickly compared to other cat breeds and show aggression toward anyone. They are also hyperactive kitties and learn tricks from their owners quickly.

5. Egyptian Mau

Introducing you to the most aggressive cat with a glamorous look. Although they are obedient and intelligent cats, the main downfall in these cat breeds is again aggression. However, the positive aspect of this Egyptian Mau cat is that you can train them according to your preference.

Egyptian Mau

However, the Egyptian Mau may attack strangers for no reason and can be vocal with their owners. These kitties mostly demand two things which are food and attention. Sometimes, these cats are a bit shy and back into a corner upon the arrival of guests.

6. Korat


You may be impressed with the blue eyes and pretty look of another aggressive cat named Korat. The affectionate and loving nature of these kitties will make them so popular. If you are thinking about purchasing this cat, make sure you have enough time to take these kitties outdoors for a long walk because if you keep these cats indoors for so many days, you will surely face high intensive aggression from them. You must also arrange some extra time to play with these cats to release their aggression.

7. Turkish Van

The Turkish Vans can be considered the most aggressive domestic cat breed. They are extremely good pets in your home and will play a variety of games with your kids all day.

Turkish Van

They are quite obedient to their owners and often seen with them on routine walks or market visits. These kitties will never leave you alone in any case. They are quite aggressive to other pets and are the most dangerous cat breeds for strangers. Therefore, if the guests arrive at your home frequently, you should think about another cat format to purchase.

8. Panthers


The most dangerous cat species are panthers because they are wild and bigger in size. You might see panther cats in zoos or farmhouses because the habits of this cat breed are not recommended for householders. The good point about these cats is that once they build a bond with any human, they will never leave their owner and stay with them for decades. However, they are not good for pets, family members, or guests.

9. Bombay

Another form of the most aggressive cats in our list is the Bombay kitties. There are plenty of positive traits of this mixed cat breed, but they have some aggressive characteristics of the Siamese and Sphynx cats. They will quickly come out in an aggressive mood and are absolutely fearless.


These kitties sometimes bite or growl, so Bombay cats are not recommended for your householders especially if you have kids in your home. These blacked footed cats can be seen in Southeast Asia. They are quite lively and energetic; you can enjoy various fun games with them and I can guarantee that these cats will never feel tired at any stage.

10. American Wirehair

The American Wirehair is a relatively less aggressive meanest cat breed with a grumpy face. They are quite bold and affectionate with their owners. These cats enjoy hikes and playing tougher games.

American Wirehair

You will find these cats even attack dogs or some other animals and humans for no reason. The white, black, ebony red and silver cream color patterns look fantastic for this American Wirehair cat breed. You can easily get this cat breed from your local store at a very reasonable rate.

11. Pixie Bob

Pixie Bob

The Pixie Bob is a social cat breed that loves to walk outdoors and play stronger games to eliminate  their aggression. They have so much confidence in themselves and look like bobcats. The major sign of this cat breed is a short tail. These cats are domestic or can be used for hunting, as they are best at biting and chasing anyone. They are quite active and will never frustrate by less attention.

Some Common Traits of an Aggressive Cat

Most aggressive kitties have a few characteristics in common. Of course, these cat breeds are friendly and affectionate with their owners still there are some more characteristics that you should know before buying them:

  • Playful and Active – These kitties are super active and always ready to play various games with their owner. They need extra space for this activity and to enjoy their playful time.
  • No Tolerant to other Animals – Most of these cat breeds are less tolerance to other pets; you can say almost zero tolerance. They are always ready to threaten or attack other pets in your home or outside.
  • Ideal Safe Guarder – You will find this cat breed an ideal safe guarded. They will protect your territory and family members to the best of their effort and have a dominant behavior over strangers.
  • More Resistant to Pain – They are more resistant to fear or pain and can easily fight wildly with bigger animals. The personality of less fear with dominative aggression helps these cats to fight with any stranger without worrying about their own pain.
  • Less Grooming Required – You don’t need to take these cats regularly to a grooming salon as they need very little grooming activities and can last healthy without any grooming sessions for years.

People Love to Ask the Following Questions about Most Aggressive Cat Breeds

Which cat is most aggressive?

The Siamese is the most aggressive cat breed. These cats actually love their owners so much and never allow them to share with others. They will get jealous of other pets very quickly and are very clingy in nature.

What breed of cat is friendliest?

The friendliest cat breeds with cuddly nature are:

  • Maine Coon
  • Birman
  • Ragdoll
  • Sphynx
  • Abyssinian

How do I know if my cat is aggressive?

The aggressive signs of any cat are dilated pupils, growling, hair standing up on the neck back, and flashing tail or ears pointing downwards. As a cat owner, you must be aware of these warning signals in your cats.

What breed is the angry cat?

The grumpy cat is the angriest one of all. You can judge its angry attention from its facial appearance. It is a mixed breed with Felis Catus species.

What is the most stubborn cat breed?

Tonkinese is considered the most stubborn cat of all breeds. These cats always need your attention, so it is quite tough to handle this kitty as they will get stubborn in seconds.

Which cat breed is the least aggressive?

If you are looking for a friendly and domestic cat breed, you can trust Persian, Abyssinian, Maine Coon, Ragdoll, and Moggy cats. You can bring these cat breeds to your living area  because they are not dangerous or aggressive in nature and you can easily control their temperament.

Most Aggressive Cats are Friendly and Affectionate – Is it True?

Surprisingly, most aggressive cats are friendly and can be considered as domestic kitties in any home. The aggression in these cats sometimes helps the householders but can also be dangerous for other pets or kids in your home.

It is absolutely true that these cat breeds are loyal and affectionate with their owners. So, you can trust them as domestic cats after proper training. You will always find them full of energy, and they will not let you get bored at any stage.

That’s all from my side now about the most aggressive cat breeds and its time to say Good Luck with your Choice now!

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