Best Rottweiler Cattle Dog Mix Information – Top 12 Cross Breeds

Do you need an energetic pet dog to protect your loved ones and property? The best Rottweiler cattle dog mix is an ideal breed that helps you create new mixed breed pups of your choice. 

The Rottweiler dog mix puppies are healthier dog breeds and contain inherited property from their parents. Still, many Rottweiler mixed breed dogs are now part of shelters. However, it isn’t easy to fit these pups into your family.

If you want to take Rottweiler mixed dogs to your home, you must test their temperament and read this informative review guide to get complete knowledge about a perfect Rottweiler mix according to your needs!

A Short Overview of Rottweiler Mix Dog Breed

You can create a variety of mixed breed pups with the Rottweiler and get the features of your favorite dog breeds in them. The series of this production is endless, and the mating of a Rottweiler with other purebreds generate interesting dog breeds.

The results of cross breeds are sometimes faulty ones. These unwanted dogs are part of the shelters and are not recommended for family pets. If you have decided to adopt Rottweiler mixed breed pups as your pet dog, you must investigate and test its temperament and remaining features for the right selection.


Now, let me drive you detail of most popular Rottweiler dog mix with pictures to make your selection much more easier. Keep reading for complete knowledge!!!

Rottweiler Cattle Dog Mix – 12 Famous Breeds

Many Rottweiler cattle dog mix breeds can be generated with different adult dogs. The properties are inherited from both of their parents. You can compare their pictures with the generated dog breeds and will find them quite similar with their parents.

As we all know, the Rottweiler is a sensitive and intelligent form of dog that can protect its owners’ lives. So, let’s find some top mixed breed pups here which can be mated with Rottweiler dog breeds to produce various new dog breeds:

1. Pitweilier

Breeds: American Pitbull Terrier & Rottweiler


You might be thinking that the Rottweiler cattle dog mix puppy is the most intimidating or scary form of a dog, so I put the most friendly Rottweiler pet type on top of my list for you to mix things up rather nicely.

Pitweilier is an ideal family pet and is the most loyal breed of Rottweiler. You will find these types of puppies incredibly strong and give you all the features of a great guard dog.

You must devote some of your precious time to his training and exercise. This Pitbull X Rottweiler Mix breed will stay healthy and happy when you give him some job to do. If you really want the Pitweilier form as your pet, then you can avoid your dull movements as well.

This form of the best Rottweiler cattle dog mix will easily grow up to 25 inches in height, and its weight can go from 40 to 100 pounds. If you make him happier, he can easily live between 12 to 15 years of prosperous lifespan.

2. Mastweiler

Breeds: Mastiff & Rottweiler


I am really impressed with the loving expressions of this breed of Rottweiler; that’s why putting him on my second best. The Mastweiler, also known as the Mastiff in shorter formats of the Rottweiler cattle dog mix type, is also popular because of his aggressive biting and can be considered for farming purposes.

It is originated from the Molossus, the ancient form of dog breed popular in Greece. This Rottweiler cross cattle dog is suitable for big families and larger covered area houses for protection. You will find him a quick learner and very active; if you can train him well, he will quickly become experienced  puppy and according to your requirements.

The height of this dog ranges from 25 to 32 inches and weighs from 80 to 160 pounds. The overall lifespan of the Mastweiler breed is around 8 to 12 years. You will get this dog in brindle, brown, silver, golden, black, and tan color textures.

3. Labrottie

Breeds: Labrador Retriever Mix & Rottweiler


I hope you heard about the Labrador Retriever, a British breed of dog. When you cross this Labrador dog with a Rottweiler, you will get a Labrottie which is eventually a big dog with lots of energy. You will surely like this breed of dog, which can always be around you and never go away from you more than 5 feet.

It is a friendly nature dog with more socialization, just like the Australia cattle dog blue heeler Rottweiler mix breed. This dog is bigger than the standard Rottweiler breed and will take care of its owner very well. If you train him well, you will surely enjoy your time with him.

This hybrid breed is a bit heavier than other forms of a Rottweiler and is the ultimate choice for a household. When this dog is grown, its weight starts from 70 to 115 pounds. You can recognize this form of the breed through his eyes which can be in hazel, amber, and brown colorways.

4. Aussierottie

Breeds: Australian Shepherd & Rottweiler Mix


If you love Australian Shepherd, you can generate its form by crossing him with Rottweiler to firm an Aussierottie. You can also get this breed with an Australian cattle dog and Rottweiler mix, which also give you a resemblance with the Australian Shepherd.

These puppies are also bigger and can grow up to 25 inches in height at the shoulder. The weight of this dog is also impressive, around 50 to 120 pounds. You may see this breed occasionally, but it is a great Australian cattle dog Rottweiler mix form that any household can trust on.

The destructive chewer and aggressive nature may discourage most individuals from owning him, but once you give them the right training according to your needs, you will find them the best guard dogs from all. You can enjoy canine sports with him in your backyard. You may find him suffering from hip and back problems in older age due to his mixed-breed type and inherited from his parents. 

5. Rottsky

Breeds: Siberian Husky Mix & Rottweiler


The noble Rottsky inherited his athletic and active nature from both of his parents. You can generate this dog breed with Rottweiler and Siberian Husky mating.

This dog is bigger and needs at least a garden or larger backyard for stay. You can determine its activeness from its generation. Therefore, this puppy needs extra space for living and exercise. These dogs are physically strong and will not exhaust easily.

Besides all this, the blue eyes of this Rottie mix give you the resemblance of an Australian cattle dog Rottweiler mix puppy which adds great value to this dog breed. The adoption of this dog is not difficult, but you have to train well before introducing him to your family members.

6. German Rottie

Breeds: German Shepherd & Rottweiler

German Rottie

This mix dog breed is self-explanatory as you can generate this Rottweiler form from German Shepherd. It’s a great family pet to protect your family members and property too.

You have to take care of this crossbreed puppy and train him from the start. Canine sports are the best activity to please this dog. You will get a larger German Rottie dog that can stand up to 27 inches tall and max weighs about 115 pounds.

You will surprise to see the lifespan of this mix dog breed which is almost 14 years. Moreover, this duration is quite healthier one. It is quite difficult to separate these puppies from any family, or if you do so, you might see destructive behavior from their side.

7. Weiler Dane

Breeds: Great Dane & Rottweiler Mix

Weiler Dane

The Weiler Dane is the lap dog, so if you want to add these lap lovers to your home, you should choose this best Rottweiler cattle dog mix.

One major problem in these dogs is the disease of joints because they are so susceptible to dog breeds sitting on their lap. This personality in these puppies is common because this inherited property comes directly from their parents. 

Well, this dog breed will learn his routine very quickly and is quite affectionate to their owners.  You can accommodate them in your home, and they will surely prove great guard dogs for you.

8. Cockweiler

Breeds: Cocker Spaniel & Rottweiler


The Cockweiler mixes are medium-sized puppies that can grow around 17 to 25 inches tall and weigh 130 pounds. They are intelligent dogs and better know how to behave with strangers and their human family members.

The blue heeler rott mix is similar to this dog breed and needs lots of daily exercise like their owner company. You have to groom these dogs twice a week as this blue heeler Rottweiler mix puppy engages in exercise and other busy routines. You have to trim your nails with a tool regularly, which may not be essential in other dog breeds.

9. French Bullweiler

Breeds: Frenchbullhound & Rottweilers Mix

French Bullweiler

Another blue heeler Rottweiler mix dog can be created with the help of French Buildog Mix. I hope you will love this combo because you will get an interesting breed mix at the end of the day.

The French Bullweiler dog breeds are easy to handle and quite friendly. You can effortlessly learn the nerves of this pup and behave with him accordingly.

Moreover, this Rottie mix is a smaller form of a dog than the average Rottweiler mix and is mostly liked by children because of its cute appearance and smaller size. The behavior of these dog breeds is also not destructive most of the time, and you will surely enjoy your free time with them.

10. Boxweiler

Breeds: Boxer & Rottweiler Mix


The Boxweiler is created by mating the Boxer with a Rottweiler mix. This Rottweiler cattle dog mix puppy can be a fantastic family companion if training properly.

Both the parents of the Boxweiler are smart dogs; that’s why the Boxweiler also depends on lots of exercises and playful time. This dog breed will give you love and loyal features; of course, these qualities are inherited from their parents.

There are plenty of other popular names for this dog breed: Box Rotty, Boxie, or Boxer Rottier; you can also call him with any of your favorite names. 

11. Bernese Rottie

Breeds: Bernese Mountain Dog & Rottweiler Mix

Bernese Rottie

The Bernese Rottie type of dog is a Rottweiler healer mix puppies that are very intelligent and family loving in nature. You can easily generate this Rottweiler cross blue heeler from a recent experiment of crossbreeding.

These are also heavier dogs that need at least 40 to 60 minutes of exercise in a routine. If you talk about the height of these dog breeds, you will get 24 to 28 inches to the shoulders, and the weight is about 75 to 130 pounds in full growth.

You will surely impress by these dogs’ attractive looks and wider chests. You can consider them the powerful guard dogs because their parents are watchdogs. They also demand low maintenance with weekly brushing and a monthly grooming session every month or two.  It means that you have fewer activities with the Bernese Rottie than other Rottweiler mixes.

12. Rotticorso

Breeds: Cane Corso & Rottweiler


The Cane Corso is a perfect canine companion, so you will expect a well-trained guard dog when you cross this dog breed with a Rottweiler.

The Rotticorso needs larger space for their easy living because they are not comfortable in tighter spaces like apartments. An ideal place for the living of these dogs is the backyard. It is quite challenging to train Rotticorso dogs, so if you are a first-time dog owner, this option is not for you.

The Rotticorso can easily grow up to 27 inches at the shoulder and max weight of this dog breed is 120 pounds.

Questions-Answers of Rottweiler Cattle Dog Mix Breed

Are Rottweiler mix ideal dogs?

Rottweiler mixed breed dogs are relatively good, but their training and socialization are necessary before introducing them to your family. Besides all this, they are quick to learn, and you can easily train them according to your needs.

What dog types can be mixed with a Rottweiler?

You can mix Rottweiler with various dog breeds to generate different mixes. You can combine Australian Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Labrador, German Shepherd, and many other types of dogs with Rottweiler to form new mixes.

What is the best Rottweiler mix?

You probably can’t say only one mix is ideal; the best Rottweiler mix is actually the form that suits your lifestyle. It should perfectly fit with your family and behave according to your requirements.

What is a perfect dog for a Rottweiler?

You can create a variety of Rottweiler cattle mix dog breeds and the Pitbull is the most common form of a Rottweiler that will generate the pitweiler. This form of Rottweiler is very affectionate and friendly in nature.

Can a German Shepherd breed with a Rottweiler?

You can cross a German Shepherd with a Rottweiler. Of course, you will get the properties of both its parents and some elements of its own nature. The training and socialization are essential parts of these types of dog breeds.

Wrap it Up

Rottweiler puppies can be created by mating them with various dog breeds. Of course, the generated mixes will contain both the features of their parents. You can adopt these Rottweiler mixes from a local shelter or see online marketplaces where these blue heeler Rottweiler mix puppies are available for sale.

This detailed review guide will eliminate all of your confusions about top Rottweiler mixes. You can consider them as your family pets and most of these breeds will learn your habits rather quickly.

Most dog breeds have an active lifestyle, love playing games, and spend time with their owners. You can easily train them with strong guarding instincts.

Finally, if you decide to take any of the Rottweiler cattle dog mixes, you can consider any of the above dog breeds on the basis of our unbiased reviews.

Now it’s time to say Good Luck with your Rottweiler mix choice! You can show me your selection from our list in the comments section:

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