How to Maintain a Standard Poodle Shaved Face

We all know that the poodle’s fur is incredibly thick on all body parts and needs regular maintenance. If you can’t take your dog to a groomer’s shop only for a shave, then learn how to keep a standard poodle shaved face from this short guide.

Shaving a poodle, especially on its face, is quite tricky and requires lots of practice. Besides this, you must regularly shave this furry dog’s face for a comfortable feel and a neat look.

Now, let’s dive into this tricky DIY process and make it simple with some patience and practice as per given instructions in this exciting guide.

Decorate a Poodle Shaved Face in Minutes – A Quick Summary

Most poodle breeds love to be groomed, and as a pet owner, you don’t have any chance of mistakes because of this puppy’s affection. Make sure that the setting of your trimmer blade is adjusted according to your choice.

You should start shaving your poodle’s face from the ear opening and gently move toward the eyes. Cover the middle area of the eyes and target the snout of this furry dog. Finally, trim the neck and head hair in a decorated way and finish it off with the rounded topknot.

Are Faces of Poodles Shaved?

The hair of your poodle will become matted so quickly if not shaved or left unclipped. Making a proper schedule for a standard poodle face cut is necessary. If you have good practice in this dog grooming activity, then you should manage this DIY task in your home instead of throwing your lovely poodle to a strange groomer every time.

You must keenly notice the face part of your poodle for an adorable standard poodle cut face. You can adopt any grooming style to decorate the face of your lovely poodle and match it with your pet’s head. In fact, the hair on this puppy’s eyes, mouth, and nose should be cautiously trimmed so that the whole face of your lovely poodle will look fantastic.

How to Groom a Standard Poodle – A Few Simple Steps

Shaving the face of a poodle is absolutely necessary. The standard poodle face can be groomed because of its thick hair texture and faster growth rate. Your poodle dog will surely feel comfortable after every grooming session, especially after shaving the hair on their face.

You can also adopt this grooming habit and perform some easy steps to maintain the standard poodle shaved face. So, without any further ado, let me explain these important points in a shorter format, but before that must arrange the following tools and materials to perform this shaved standard poodle task without any difficulty:

What You’ll Need:

  • Trimmer Blade
  • Slicker Brush
  • Grooming Shears
  • Clippers
  • Stainless Steel Comb
  • Variety of Scissors
  • Guard Combs and its Attachments

Instructions for Shaving Standard Poodle Face:

1. Choose the Right Setting for your Trimmer Blade

Before start trimming your poodle’s face, you have to make sure that your clipper blade is properly charged and set up at the right number. The expert groomers will quickly adjust this number as they see the length of the poodle’s hair on its head or face. Professional groomers also opt to shave a hairy poodle with a higher number because they have the expertise to trim the hair quickly, even on the sensitive areas of your puppy’s face.

Besides this, if you’re a beginner groomer, you should choose 9 or 10 numbers to trim the hair on your dog’s face. It will give you the luxury to shave the hair from hidden areas more intensely.

2. Start Shaving from the Ear Opening

It’s good practice to start this hair trimming activity from the ear opening of your poodle. You have to clip the hair from the ear towards the eye. You might notice a clear hairline on the face of many decorated poodles from the ear opening to the eye. Professional groomers craft this hairline at the start of a standard poodle without a shaved face. You can’t draw this line on your hair face after shaving your poodle. So, to keep things simple, you should start from this point.

3. Craft the Middle Area of Poodle’s Eyes

Further, engage your puppy at the same point and craft the eyes of your lovely poodle in your own style. Now, put your trimmer blade gently inside of one eye and move it down towards the nose. Make sure that you move the clipper very slowly and trim all the fur without damaging the skin. Here, you can take the help of a comb to keep the fur in the right position for clipping.

4. Move Towards the Snout

Again, without moving your clipper much, you should move towards the nose of your poodle. You have to shave down the snout of your puppy. Also, put a quick look at the sides of the lips and back towards the ear. If you found any fur in this particular area, then carefully remove it too.

If you can’t accurately shave this area, then you should have more than one try on this area, but remember that never try to harm your poodle, especially in this area. You can even go in various directions and move your trimmer, where you can easily reach out. If you go in the anti-direction of hair growth, it will help you clip this sensitive fur without any damage.

5. Trim the Hair on the Neck

The next step is to clip the hair off your dog’s neck. To shave this area, you should lift the poodle’s snout to some extent and clip the hair toward the neck. You can decorate the neck of your lovely puppy in a U-shape which will look fantastic with the shaved poodle face. Moreover, you should meet the neck hairline with the ears and chest. However, make sure that you are not moving forward from the chest and stop your trimmer when it reaches the chest area.

6. Give Some Gap in the Dog’s Eyes and Head Hair

Another important process in this guide is that you should leave the fur of your lovely poodle above the eyes so that the hair will not comes out over the eyes.

Here, you can use the slicker brush and the scissor to give the right arch to the head fur of your puppy. Professional groomers also give some fall-to-head hair at the corners of the ear opening. It will give a clear view of your puppy’s head, and the fur will not interact with your dog’s eyes.

If you are a poodle lover, then never miss this step!

7. Finish the Topknot

There are tons of face grooming styles that you can adopt for your puppy. However, it’s great practice to finish this hair trimming activity with an overhanging fur. The specialist groomers brush the topknot hair on any side to keep the fur straight.

Finally, use the curved scissor to trim the excessive hair on the pointy topknot to keep it balanced. Make sure that the topknot is in a rounded shape; it will look stunning on all poodle faces.

Video Tutorial of Maintaining a Standard Poodle Shaved Face

Now, if you still have some sort of confusion, then you must watch the following video till the end later to shave the face of your lovely poodle better than any professional groomer:

Why Poodles Get Shaved: Is Shaving Necessary?

You don’t need to maintain a shaving schedule for any poodle, because this job is done by these doggies themselves. You will notice your poodle will feel uncomfortable and anxious because of excessive hair on its head and face.

Poodles also love to be groomed, so this good habit in your puppy also benefits you in taking your poodle to a professional groomer at the right time. The standard poodle without a shaved face will suffer from excessive matting, which is not good for their health. In the case of face shaving, a perfect head and face cut will provide an elegant look and keep your puppy hygienic all the time. The standard poodle shaved coat will eliminate many skin diseases or, simply say, make your puppy feel much more comfortable.

FAQs about Standard Poodle Shaved Face

Why do poodles have shaved faces?

The hair of poodles grows very rapidly, including on their face. As a pet owner, you must adopt some shaving styles for your lovely poodle for a neat look. The shaved poodle face also helps to reduce the chances of food or water getting stuck in the mouth of your poodle.

Why do people shave poodles?

Face shaving activity for a poodle is necessary. People will see thick and curly hair all over the body of this dog breed. Pet owners have to maintain a shaving schedule to keep this layer of hair hygienic and clean.

Do poodles need their face shaved?

As a poodle owner, you must maintain a shaving schedule for an elegant look. You have to trim the thick hair of your poodle, especially on their face so that they can easily soak up the food and water. A shaved face will also discourage the messes from spreading in your house.

Why do poodles have shaved noses?

You will notice a thick layer of hair all over the body of a poodle hair. It is necessary to trim some parts of these hair in a routine. The nose hair should also be shaved so that food or water will not trap on the eyes or mouth of your lovely poodle.

How do you shave a standard poodle’s face?

The standard poodle shaved face can be decorated only with the right approach of shaving. There are lots of elegant and fancy shaving styles that you can adopt according to your poodle structure. You can use a blade on the clipper to trim the hair of your poodle’s face.

What happens if you don’t cut poodle hair?

The hair will easily become matted over time if you don’t shave them. As a poodle owner, you must keep the hair short for a tidy and elegant look. It will also allow your dog to eat any type of food or drink water without any difficulty.

Keeping your Poodle Shaved – The Bottom Line

If you want the signature look of your standard poodle with a shaved face all the time, then you have to put attention to your furry dog regularly. Just maintain the standard poodle shaved face according to the guidelines as mentioned in this short guide, and next time you will trim the fur of your lovely poodle better than any expert groomer.

As a pet owner, you should also trim the hair from your poodle face on your own without any complexity. It’s a matter of lots of patience and practice for DIYers to keep your poodle face well groomed. Whether you want to shave your poodle face or follow the top trends of dog grooming, the experts of groomburg are always standing with you.

Just remember that poodle grooming pro is only the one who never harms this furry dog.

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