What to Do if your Dog Drinks Bleach – Here’s How to Help your Doggie in this Poisoning Situation

Can bleach hurt my puppy? This question is quite common in most dog owners; still, you may not find the accurate solution on most of the top pet forums. Here our specialist vet will reveal some of the easy steps which should be taken to get rid of your pup from this poisoning situation. If you still can’t find the right answer to what to do if your dog drinks bleach, then you must read this whole article for a perfect solution to this poisoning situation.

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Can a Bleach Kills a Dog? A Quick Solution

It’s unlikely that your canine friend will lose their life to bleach poisoning.

As bleach is a compulsory part of most household cleaning products, so there is a certain chance that your pup may trap in this poison. If you can’t find any exclusive evidence or serious health problem, you should rinse your puppy’s mouth and coat it with clean water. You should only call to vet if you notice some blood in your dog’s vomiting.

Lastly, there is a number of ways that will help you to prevent your doggie from this poisoning situation in the future.


Well, that’s not the end of the world here. Now, our vet will guide you from zero to hero. So, what should you do if your lovely puppy drinks bleach water? Make sure that you never miss any section of this informative page:

Basics of Bleach Poisoning

When you hear the word ‘Bleach,’ you will definitely think about any oxidizing substance or chemical that is used in homes for cleaning purposes. It’s absolutely true that most homeowners are holding the bleach product to disinfect the bacteria and kill the fungi from their floor surface.

The brands also use sodium hypochlorite substances in their bleach products to make this cleaner more effective. These cleaning products not only kill your floor messes but can also damage your lovely puppy.

One thing is for sure if your dog ingested bleach, then your pet will be in real danger. Even if your dog drinks a very little quantity of bleach water, you still need to approach your nearest veterinarian clinic.

Symptoms of Bleach Poisoning

There are some clinical signs in your dogs after drinking the bleach. If you keenly notice what happens if your dog drinks bleach, you will understand the poisoning symptoms in your puppy because most of the hazardous symptoms start within minutes.

If your puppy drinks some quantity of color-safe bleach, then you might only see vomiting. In this case, you should take your puppy to the local vet only if you see blood in vomiting; otherwise, you can get rid of normal vomiting by drinking your puppy clean water.

Similarly, you may notice many other clinical signs in your poisoning dogs which are:

  • Intense Coughing
  • Stomach Pain
  • Lethargy
  • Burning Feelings
  • Diarrhea
  • Agitation
  • Paw Discoloration
  • Drooling
  • Nausea
  • Seizures
  • Tremors
  • Weakened Limbs

What to do If your Dog Drinks Bleach – A Detailed Guide

Now, let’s move on to the actual concern! There are plenty of steps that have to be taken to treat bleach poisoning in dogs. The impact of bleach will never harm your canine friend until you don’t see any clear sign of the corrosive effect of bleach or any burning danger. Its time to begin the main guidelines:

1. Call the Emergency Vet

Of course, the easiest thing you can do is call your vet. The veterinary action will also ensure the right treatment for your lovely puppy. Before choosing this option, you must collect a lot of information about this accident for the guidance of your vet. Must check the following queries and try to find their answers before moving on:

  • What type of bleach has your dog eaten?
  • How much bleach has your dog ingested?
  • Is there any skin contact, or has your dog taken any poisoning product through the mouth?
  • What is the timeframe of this ingestion?
  • What are the hazardous signs in your puppy?

2. Rinse your Dog’s Mouth and Skin

If your dog has ingested a color-safe poisoning product or just licked some water on the floor containing bleach, then you can simply rinse your dog’s mouth and the entire coat with clean water. It will eliminate the poisoning elements, and your dog might stop vomiting. If you notice any red marks or skin lesions due to the bleaching effect, these dangerous signs might also clear from your puppy’s coat. Ensure you thoroughly clean the paws and fur so your puppy will not bite or chew them again.

This home treatment works well in most cases, even if your doggie drank bleach some hours before. You can also take your poisoned puppy and put it under the tap for a quick bath. It will remove all the remaining bleach. The dishwashing soap also effectively eliminates this poisoning product from your puppy’s coat.

3. Encourage Drinking

Once you have cleaned all the bleach from your doggie or any diluted bleach from your floor surface, you should encourage your puppy to drink lots of water. It might be a bit tough to engage your puppy in this activity because if your puppy suffers from a throat infection or pain due to bleach, then he will never drink water.

You should use any tricky method to seduce your pup for this drinking water. You can also some add milk, juice, or any liquid item your doggie loves to drink. The more your dog drink water, the greater chance of removing the poisoning residue from your puppy’s throat and mouth.

4. Never Make Your Dog Vomit

Vomiting is not an easy thing to do, especially when your throat is burning. If your lovely puppy is already itching with a mild color poison, then vomiting will definitely put your pup in more pain. It’s better to avoid this practice and make your doggie comfortable with some other friendly strategies. Here, you can quickly take your puppy to any airy or outdoor place. This change of environment might also discourage your puppy from continuous vomiting.

Future Preventions – How can I Stop my Dog from Drinking Bleach?

Here, our specialist vet will advise you on some top tips which will help you to protect your lovely puppies from drinking bleach in the future:

  • Disinfect the Bleach from the Surface with Fresh Water: If you recently cleaned your floor with any bleaching product, then you must rinse the entire surface with clean water to disinfect all the bleached stuff from your floor before putting your doggie over it.
  • Keep your Dog Away from Bleach Products: Various household products hold acids, bleach, and alkalis substances. As a pet owner, you must be aware of them and keep your doggie away. Some common bleach products are toilet cleaner, gasoline, paint thinner, kerosene, drain cleaner, floor polish, dishwashing liquid, and furniture polish.
  • Ventilate the Area: If you apply the bleach covering brand in any area, keep the windows open for proper ventilation. You will get rid of the bleach quantity from this area rather quickly.
  • Dilute the Bleach Product: Sometimes, the brand allows its consumers to dilute their bleach items. You can also follow these instructions to reduce the toxic effect of these products.
  • Store the Bleach Products at a Safer Place: If you have pets in your home, especially dogs, then you have to store all of your bleach products at a safer place, at least where your pet can’t reach them.

How long does it take bleach to affect a dog?

If your dog drinks bleach, then you might see clinical signs in your puppy within four to six hours. However, you should extend this time up to 24 hours for the complete safety of your puppy.

Will a little bit of bleach hurt a dog?

Anything diluted with bleach may contain chlorine which is toxic for animals. Even a smaller quantity of bleach can do a fair bit of damage to your dog. Therefore, if you notice the symptoms of bleach poisoning, then you should immediately approach your nearest vet for its treatment.

What happens if my dog drinks toilet water with a bleach tablet?

Whether your puppy inhales the bleach tablet or your dog drinks bleach directly in diluted format, your pet will irritate from the gastrointestinal tract and start vomiting on the spot. You must apply any home remedy or contact your veterinarian for a quick treatment.

How much bleach is poisonous to dogs?

The quantity of bleach doesn’t matter in this case. If your puppy usually vomits after taking this poison and returns to the normal routine, then you shouldn’t worry about it. However, some dogs suffer from diarrhea or anorexia very quickly, requiring special treatment.

How can I treat a poisoned dog at home?

If you want a home remedy, you should induce your doggie for hydrogen peroxide vomiting. This easy hack works well in most cases. However, if the situation of bleach water poisoning gets worse, then you should immediately approach your nearest vet.

Can bleach cause seizures in dogs?

Your dog may face some seizure attacks after drinking bleach water. The dangerous signs will begin within one or two minutes and can lead to some serious health issues in your lovely doggie.

What Happens if your Dog Accidentally Drinks Bleach – Final Note

According to a pet poison helpline, there is a huge number of increased cases of dog bleach poisoning. If your dog is also facing a similar scenario, this informative guide will surely help you take your doggie out of this irritating situation.

If your dog drank bleach in the past, then you can take some necessary measures, as mentioned in this article, to protect your dog from this poisoning situation in the future.

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