Trimming Hair Around the Paw Pads – Groomburg’s Guide If your Dog Won’t Cut Paw Hair

Are you worried about the slippery accidents of your favorite puppy due to excessive hair, and your dog won’t cut paw hair easily?

The paw pads help your puppy walk on rough terrains and provide extra cushioning to their feet. It is important to take care of your puppy’s paw and trim the excessive hair before time. You can easily manage this grooming activity on your own for your pup’s better feel and comfort.

Our experts will reveal all the key aspects of hair trimming techniques of paw pads but before that, let’s learn a few basics:

What Happened if your Dog Won’t Cut Paw Hair

Dog paw care is an extremely important activity that most dog owners usually forget. Whether you own a short haired dog breed or adopt a long haired wiener dog, you must regularly cut the hair of your pup’s paws to save your furry friend from serious paw health problems.

We all know that your dogs won’t let you cut their paw hair or even not allow you even to touch their paw hair. In such a scenario, if you leave the care of your puppy’s paw, the situation will get worse. Your dog may fall in some kind of emergency or will never trim its paw hair in the future.

To avoid this type of situation, you must regularly remove the hair of your dog’s paw. If you find any difficulty in this process, better to take your dog to a professional groomer, at least to give your puppy a comfortable walk or run.

Most Dogs Hates Touching Their Paws

Now, if your puppy doesn’t like that somebody may touch their paws, then you should learn this hair trimming process and try a DIY approach to cutting your puppy’s hair. There is a more likely chance that your furry friend may groom their paw pad from you instead of any strange groomer.

This solution will also positively impact your dog in the future. If your doggie doesn’t allow you to shave his legs or jerk while trimming his nails, then this DIY attitude will help you in these grooming activities. Your pup will put some trust in you and may confidently trim the hair around the paw pads from you.

How to Remove Hair from your Pup’s Paw

It’s a great thing to drag your furry friend towards DIY grooming activities so that they will feel comfortable with you instead of putting your pup in front of a stranger every time.  Most puppies start licking their owner’s feet or try to give some cuddles, which is a sign of their trust. You will surely get a lovely feel after cutting the hair of your doggie paws. So, let’s learn this process for the happiness of your puppy:

Things You’ll Need

  • Electric Clipper
  • Towel
  • Dog-Safe Scissors
  • Nail Trimmer
  • Dog Treats

Follow these Instructions:

Step I: Trimming Around the Paw Pads

You need to trim the hair from the paw pads at the initial stage. If your dog doesn’t allow you to cut his hair from his paw or jerk so much, you should give some cuddles or treat them with their favorite treat to norm the things. You can trim the hair from pad pads only if your doggie is comfortable with you. Note the following quick steps for this process:

  • If your puppy’s feet are fully covered with hair, start cutting this excessive hair before moving the paw pads.
  • Now gently grab the paw of your pup and wait for the reaction. Try to level this paw at your chest height to cut the hair comfortably.
  • Use any soft-bristled comb to straighten the hair and raise the smaller hair in front.
  • Start cutting the hair in between the paw pads with a round-tipped scissor.
  • If you notice some hair flush with the pads, cut them, too, with the support of a brush.
  • This dog paw trim method eliminates all mats, tangles, or any ice ball.
  • Treat your dog with its favorite food during this entire process.

Step II: Removing Hair from the Toes

The game is not finished yet! You have to groom the toe of your puppy to fix all hair trimming problems. Again, you need the right kind of clippers to deal with the toe hair of your dog. The short steps of removing hair from the toes are:

  • Start this process by trimming the hair on the top of your puppy’s feet. You should use a dog-safe scissor for this step.
  • If you notice any loose hair from the paw, remove it instantly.
  • Here you can clip your pup’s nails, too, if you have extra time.
  • Once you are satisfied with the finish of one paw, then you can move to the other paw.

Video Tutorial of Hair Trimming Process of Dog’s Paw

If you still find any difficulty in understanding these easy steps, then let me show you the entire process in a short video to enable you to learn this process more quickly:

Major Reasons for Dog Paw Grooming

If you think that why you should trim the hair of your dog’s paw; then here you will understand some of the significant causes of this DIY grooming activity:

1. Debris Build-Up

There is a variety of messes that can easily tangle in your dog’s paw. Sometimes, the debris or dirt particles have stuck in your dog’s feet, or dry mud is growing in their paw. You can remove all these messes while bathing your puppy after trimming the hair of its paws.

2. Slip Injuries

One of the major causes of cutting your puppy’s paw hair is slipping and sliding so much with long paw hair. Some long-haired dog breeds very often slip when their paw hair is touching the ground or collected underneath their feet. To maintain your pet’s stability and discourage frequent accidents, you must cut these hair regularly.

3. Painful Ice Balls

You may notice the ice balls in your dog’s toes, especially in winter. This muddle can cause so much pain to your pet. While trimming your dog’s hair, you will remove any kind of ice ball or similar mess from the toe of your pup.

4. Infections

If you reside in a humid area, you will notice yeast infections in your puppy’s paw. The long hair provides a perfect atmosphere for this yeast growth. If you want to protect your dog from this dangerous health cause, you should maintain a proper schedule for trimming the hair of your dog’s paw.

5. Aesthetics

If you show off an aesthetic look of your puppy, you must display the right gesture on your puppy’s feet. It is necessary to trim the excess hair from your pup’s paw pads for a lovely and neat appearance.

6. Cleanliness

It’s a great way to maintain the hygienic atmosphere of your puppy. Along with bathing or nail trimming, you can maintain the cleanliness of your puppy’s feet; you should regularly trim the hair of your puppy’s paws.

Some Important Hacks about Hair Trimming Dogs Paws

Before starting this DIY grooming task, you must learn the following tips and tricks. These hacks will definitely help you to eliminate the supplementary fur from your puppy’s paw:

  • You have to observe your furry friend’s behavior; if your dog is jerking his paws so much, you should give your puppy some relaxation time.
  • Try to lift your dog’s paw at your chest-height position to trim the hair of your pup’s paw comfortably.
  • Must place the bag of your dog’s favorite treats within your access because you are handling the sensitive part of your pup.
  • When trimming the paw fur, then it’s a great time also to cut the nails of your dog.
  • You should only trim the hair of your dog’s paw pads when they are sticking out and touching the ground. As some short haired breeds contain very little hair, and their growth is also very slow.
  • Try to maintain the positive mood of your puppy throughout this DIY grooming activity.
  • Always bring professional clippers and dog hair trimmers to make this job accident-free.
  • If you can’t judge the length of your hair, you can simply comb it to cut the hair at the right level.
  • You also need to know how to hold the trimming tool along with your puppy’s paw.

FAQs about your Dog Won’t Cut Paw Hair

Should you cut the hair under a dog’s paw?

The hair under your dog’s paw pads will cause some serious slippery accidents, so you must trim these hair along with the hair growing between these pads. Once you see bunches of hair, you must trim them with the right tool. If your dog won’t cut paw hair and jerk his paw, then you should give some relaxing time to your pup.

How do you remove hair from a dog’s paw?

You just need to gently open your puppy’s paw and trim the excessive hair with a trimming tool. If you find your puppy jerking their paws, then it is better to give some result or treat with some cuddles and when you feel that your pup is relaxed, start this hair cutting process again.

What to do if my dog won’t let me cut his hair?

In most cases, a dog will not allow you to touch its paws easily. Before this groomer activity, it is important to familiarize your puppy with the surroundings and relax with their favorite treats.

How do you cut the hair between paw pads?

Use the soft-bristle brush to snip the fur between your dog’s paw pads gently and cut the hair between these pads. Make sure that your puppy is relaxed and never shows any aggression during this process.

Why do dogs have hair on the bottom of their feet?

The hair on the bottom of your puppy’s pads will protect the skin of its paws. If this hair goes beyond the feet of your puppy, then it may cause a slide or slip, so you need to cut the excessive hair for the comfort of your furry friend.

Why do dogs not like it when you touch their paws?

You will surely see the resistance from most dog breeds while touching their paws. They may jerk their paw because it will make them feel awkward. Besides this, the paws are also a sensitive part of their body, so that they may be vulnerable to this act.

Handling the Hairy Paws of your Dog – Final Thoughts

This informative guide has given you the right guidelines for dog owners if their dog won’t cut paw hair easily. Now, you can master this skill by carefully exercising this process with your furry friend.

Initially, you should grab your puppy’s paw sensibly to cut the excessive hair. If your dog is frequently jerking his paw, you should leave the situation for some time to relax your pet. You can add some cuddles and your dog’s favorite treat during this process to norm the things. To craft an organized paw, you need to trim the hair around the paw and some lengthy hair under your dog’s toe.

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