How to Get a Lion Cut for Persian Cat – DIY

Have you ever heard about a lion cut or seen a cat decorated with a lion cut style on his face? If you have a little kitten in your home, that will definitely excite you. Today, let’s learn the technique of a Persian cat lion cut with hidden hacks that a professional groomer might never know.

If you are a beginner DIY groomer, there is a high risk of injuring your cat, or his skin might be caught in a sharp trimmer, and it will start bleeding rather quickly.

That looks so weird!

Before cutting your kitten’s hair, you must understand all the crucial elements of this process. So without any further ado, let’s get on to this task and learn all the important factors given in this informative guide: 

Are You in a Hurry…

The Persian cat lion cut is a complicated DIY grooming challenge and needs much more care than you might not realize now. Once you get on to this job, you will try to protect your cat from any injury. You have to choose the safest and the most comfortable location at your home for this task. You should do a little brushing to calm your kitten down and cut his nails. Further, start shaving the fur of your cat with a sharp trimmer in your own style and finally take this design to his mane to create a lion-cut texture.


Why Does a Persian Cat Need a Lion Cut?

You might be thinking of why your Persian cat needs a lion cut or why to adopt this style. Most cat owners believe that matting is the only aim of a lion cut, but that’s not true; allergies and shedding can also be the reasons.

Of course, you can remove the matted fur from your favorite cat with a detailed grooming session and treat it with a lion cut. Still, you should adopt  this service due to the following points:

  • Reduces the hairballs
  • Improves the overall texture of your Persian cat
  • Protects your cat from overheating issues
  • Maintains the old-age Persian cat
  • Reduces shedding
  • To give an aesthetic look on special occasions.

A Complete Guide to Lion Cut a Persian Cat

When you start grooming your pets on your own especially the cats, then it might take three to five hours for a single session, but once you become an expert in this grooming skill then, you will surely enjoy these DIY tasks.

The process of a Persian cat lion cut will never take an hour of your busy routine. Once you start following this guide, you will never need to take any assistance from pro groomer:

Tools and Materials Required

  • Towels or Rags
  • Trimmers and their Attachments
  • Pet Brush/Comb
  • Cat Treats
  • Nail Clippers
  • Blunt-Ended Scissors
  • Corn Starch

9 Steps Lion Cut Guide:

Step 1: Get Yourself Ready

Before straightaway jumping into a Persian lion cut method, you have to prepare yourself and put all the necessary gadgets of this process at nearby place so that you never feel any difficulty during this procedure.

Step 2: Choose the Right Location

It is so important to choose a perfect location for this grooming activity. The recommended surface for this DIY task should be non-slippery and uncarpeted so that you can easily vacuum it after this grooming session.

A smaller table is a great option for a Persian cat so that you can comfortably manage all the tasks in a minor place and clean it easily.

Step 3: Arrange this Space

To set up the area specified for this task, you have to target a separate space for all the activities of the entire grooming session. All the gears should be placed at their location, and if you use any electric gadgets, they should be plugged in before starting this process. You also need to arrange enough space for easy maneuvering yourself.

Step 4: Bring your Persian Cat to this Area

Now it’s time to bring your haired cat to this location. Keep in mind that the grooming of the long haired cat can be a challenging job.. If you previously groomed your cat in this area, your cat will surely be familiar with this space. You should manage this process of a Persian cat lion haircut at the same location for the comfortability of your kitten.

Step 5: Clip your Cat’s Nails

It’s a great thing to clip the nails of your cat before a haircut. If you know how to clip a dog’s nails, you can easily perform this DIY nail clipping job to your Persian cat as well.

On a shorter note, you just need to gently hold your cat’s paw and clip the sharp tips only. You can also do nail trimming for your Persian cat one or two days before a lion haircut.  

Step 6: Do a Traditional Brushing

To start the actual process, do a classic brushing on the entire coat of your cat with a slicker brush. Never leave any furry area of your cat, even do this brushing on his tummy as well.

Sometimes matted clumps might be developed in the fur of Persian cats. You can remove these clumps as well with a little effort but take care of your cat’s skin.

Step 7: Shave your Persian Cat

Further, start shaving your Persian cat in the outgoing direction. Again, there is a chance that the skin may come in the way, and you will quickly find your cat injured.

You must also remove the shaved hair from the clipper throughout this haircut. Shave up on the entire cat’s skin till the half quarter of the tail. If you find any difficulty in this lion cut cat Persian procedure, you can take assistance from any of your family members just to hold your cat.

Step 8: Blend the Mane to the Body

Now backcomb your kitten’s mane and shave up towards the top of his neck. Do this exercise on all sides of his mane and remove the trimmed hair from his skin. It is better to use the No. 2 gear of your trimmer and clip this hair with care.

This phase is quite important while creating a Persian cat grooming lion cut in a perfect style. so you should put more focus here on this grooming challenge.

Step 9: Treat your Pet with his Favorite Food

It’s time to cheer because you have done a great job! Now you can take Persian cat lion cut pictures and show these stylish images to your friends.

You can show affection to your cat with some cuddles and treat them well with their favorite food. Finally, remove all the hair from the table and floor. You can also do a short vacuuming session to clear all the messes from the surface.

Still Confused on how to Lion Cut a Persian Cat?

Variations on the Lion Cut for Persian Cat

You may find a few variations of the white Persian cat lion cut or see some exciting images on social media about this stylish haircut from various cats. If you want to customize this cut in different ways, then you can adopt any style from the following suggestions:

  • Leave the thick hair on the paws for a booted design.
  • Shave on the top of the paws and the whole naked leg.
  • Leave a thick coat on the chest and its intact part of the mane.
  • If your cat contains a longer tail, leave its fur on its tail.
  • Leave the thicker hair on the shoulders and front arms to design a bold style.
  • Leave a strip part unshaved on any body part of your lovely cat.

Pros and Cons of a Lion Cut

If you are still confused about the cat grooming lion, then you must read the following benefits and problems to treat or avoid your Persian long-haired cats:


It’s a great idea to give a lion cut to your Persian cat; the benefits of this style are of course endless, but you can focus on the following advantages with confidence:

  • Eliminate Mats – The major reason for a lion cut for your Persian cat is the removal of mats from their skin. The fur may twist on their coats and pinch them periodically. Doing a self-grooming session or taking them to any expert groomer for a lion cut is important.
  • Easier Maintenance – It is quite easy to manage the grooming of most cat breeds; even long-haired cats can be maintained with DIY grooming. The cat owners can also do a lion cut by clipping or trimming their hair in this shape.
  • Aids with Self-Care – The older cats can care for themselves and feel uncomfortable mostly from their fur. A perfect lion cut will support these cats with self-care.
  • Reduces Shedding – You can reduce the shedding habit in your favorite cat with a lion cut. It will also cut the allergy problems without the sheds. 
  • Address Excessive Heat – If you don’t have a shed system in your home or live in warm weather, most cats will irritate from their hair and can’t sustain the hot climate. A lion cut will surely help your cat to stay cooler at any location.
  • Minimize Hairballs – The hairballs may be created in long-haired cats, especially in the summer or in higher temperatures. You can reduce this development in your furry friends with a pretty lion cut.


With so many advantages, you will notice some problems with a lion cut style which are:

  • Potentially Stressful for the Cat – You will find this haircut stressful in some sensitive cats. This anxiety can be seen right after a clipping session, and you may feel a significant change in their behavior in lion cut style.  
  • Expense – Pet owners have to add a vast amount to the maintenance of their cats. If you want to keep a lion cut for your favorite kitten then you can add this expense periodically. 
  • Sunburn is a Hazard – If your cat loves outdoor walks, the sun’s rays may harm their skin. It depends on the season or the weather climate, but you still need to do a lion cut grooming session for your Persian cat after observing the weather conditions of their area.
  • Inability to Regulate Body Temperature – Pet owners can’t regulate the temperature of their cats without fur on their bodies.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Is a lion cut good for cats?

Most cat owners think that matting is the only reason for a lion cut, but allergies cats, shedding, or warm weather conditions are also the other goals of this style.

How much does a cat lion cut cost?

Usually, you need to pay at least $30 to shave down your cat to a lion cut. If you add a nail trimming service or any other grooming activity, this price can go up to $60-$70.

Is it OK to shave a Persian cat?

Shaving a Persian cat is good, but you shouldn’t adopt it too often or replace it completely with a classic brushing session. You have to maintain the comfortability of your favorite cat or keep them clean with other grooming facilities.

How long does a cat lion cut last?

A cat lion cut usually lasts around 8 to 12 weeks. Your cat needs to be familiar with this schedule, and you should be regular with this action to maintain the cut of your pet.

Do cats get depressed when shaved?

If your cat is alone, he may feel a little invaded after getting shaved, but with the passage of time or excessive grooming sessions, you may see a definite change in his personality.

Do Persian cat’s hair grow back?

The Persian cat’s coat is robust enough; if this pet is healthier, the hair might take four to six weeks to grow back.

Keep your Cat Comfortable

I have tried my best to provide you with all the expert hacks of a lion cut for your Persian cat that an experienced groomer may not guide you in a such a organized manner. The most important part of this whole procedure is to make your cat comfortable.

When you feel that your pet is pleased with your grooming activities, a strong faith builds up in your cat’s mind. This will surely reduce the stress of a haircut on your kitten.

You can treat your cat with lovely cuddles and food items during this entire process. It will give you a positive reaction from your cat, and the whole procedure will become a lot easier.

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