An Ultimate Guide to Long Haired Cat Brushing

Do you own a furry kitten and can’t manage its grooming activities in your living space? Learn the best technique of long haired cat brushing with the easiest steps given in this guide.

The furry cats need regular grooming; if you can’t do so, then the undercoat of your cat will get damaged soon. Resulting in plenty of health issues for your kitty friend.

It’s quite a smart idea to brush Long Haired cats daily on your own and avoid sitting in saloons for hours to groom your cat. Let’s explore how you can manage this task within minutes.

Are You in a Hurry…

Brushing a Long Haired cat is not difficult at all. The important thing to consider here is how to make a routine to maintain the shine of your furry friend.

If you have a slicker brush and some supportive tools, you can easily manage a variety of DIY Long Haired cat grooming styles. You just need to remove the tangled and loose hair from the topcoat and continue brushing until you don’t get all the messes out from your cat’s fur.


The Best Brushing Tools for Long Haired Cats

You might notice tons of Long Haired cat grooming tools, and you can’t purchase all of these gears for a single kitty. However, you must brush your furry cat with the right tool to remove knots or other tangly messes from their fur. Therefore, you need to know that what is an ideal long hair cat brush? Which tool should you buy to maintain the fur of your kitty? Here, you will get an answer to all such queries, and our experts will suggest you only the helpful gears to buy for every scenario:

  • Slicker Brush – You must hold the slicker brush for brushing Long Haired cats. This tool contains curved and thin metal hooks, which help you to get rid of dirty and dead hair tangling in the fur of your lovely kitty.
  • Pin Brush – This one is the classic pet brush that everyone should hold. Yes, it works well on all coats and helps cat owners to stimulate their pet’s skin with a gentle massage.
  • Pet Comb – A pet comb is made with metal material, and its hooks are widely spread. A fair bit of gap performs well on longer hair and eliminates all types of debris from the fur.
  • Deshedding Brush – This brush reduces shedding and removes dead hair from the undercoat of your cat’s fur. Besides this, if you own a Long Haired cat, you must purchase a deshedding brush to maintain its fur.

Now, after the understanding of all brushing types, let’s move on to the actual process of maintaining the fur of long haired cats:

How to Brush a Long Haired Cat – 5 Easy Steps to Follow

You can handle variety of messes on the fur of your kitty with a single brushing session. For instance, if you want to prevent hairballs, dirty fur, or matting disorders in your Long Haired cats, you can deal with all these problems with the best brush for Long Haired cats and, of course, by following the right procedure as well.

Here our specialist vet has compiled a Long Haired cat brushing process into simple steps that help pet owners maintain their lovely kitty’s fur. These guidelines will help you to keep the long hair cats in fresh condition and keep the hair clean.

Now, without any delay, let’s get started:

1. Checking your Cat’s Coat

Before thinking about picking the Long Haired cat grooming styles for your furry friend, you have to investigate the condition of your cat’s coat. It will help the owners to brush the Long Haired cats in the right way.

Moreover, you should consult your vet if your cat is facing a shedding issue or any other skin problem. Make sure that your cat’s skin is soft and that there are no bald circles in this fleece. If you find signs of fleas, you must use the flea comb to eliminate all these dark objects, their droppings, and flea eggs to discourage their further growth.

2. Start Brushing the Entire Coat

You need a long hair cat brush or a wide-tooth brush to move it in your cat’s fur. It will level up the hair, giving you a clear idea about the fur length. Also, make sure that this comb’s hooks are wider and that you brush without any hurdles.

Moreover, if you move gently and still find it tough to go ahead, you must remove this hurdle first. It may be due to tangled hair or any skin problem in your furry cat. You must consult the vet for some quick advice if it looks dangerous.

3. Must Comb the Hidden Spots

Most cat owners forget this point and leave the hidden spots of their cats untidy. You must continue your comb moving in these hard-to-access parts of your cat. You will notice excessive hair under the armpits, near the belly, and on your Long Haired cat’s back and neck.

Further, you must level up the hair from these body parts of your cat. If you find any stubborn mats in these spots, you should shave them completely to remove this hurdle.

If you feel your brush or grooming tool is full of hair, remove it and clean it up before moving forward; otherwise, the gear might damage your kitty’s skin.

4. Remove all the Tangle Hairs and Debris

It is so important to remove tangled hair and other hidden messes from your cat’s fur every time. You can’t ignore the dead hair or some debris signs from your kitty’s skin. Your cat might feel threatened at this stage, but if you give some cuddles or their favorite treats, your cat will not disturb you anymore. Cats are usually groomer friendly and will surely corporate with you at this stage as well.

5. Final Cleanup

You have almost done it!  Lastly, a final cleanup session is necessary to remove the residue fur from your kitten’s coat. If you feel a bath is essential at the end, you should go for it. Usually, Long Haired cats don’t need to wash very often. However, it’s your personal choice whether you want to manage this final cleanup session for their kitty or not.

How Often to Brush a Furry Cat?

Now, after learning the entire process of Long Haired cat brushing, a question may arise in your mind when should you remove the loose hair, or how often should you brush the long hair of your cat?

If you want to avoid tangled fur, you should brush Long Haired cats daily. It will also reduce shedding; if you use the right Long Haired cat comb, you can maintain the sheen of your cat’s fur. Although a single brushing session in a week is enough for short haired cats but long hair cat breeds, you have to maintain a regular schedule to avoid matting.

Besides all this, you should particularly care for the fur behind the ears, under the armpits, and back of the neck of your Long Haired kitty because most messes are hidden in these spots. If you reach these hard-to-access areas with the right cat brushing tool, you never need to approach any groomer’s saloon to maintain the hair of your furry cat, and you can call yourself an expert groomer.

Long Haired Cat Brushing – Video Tips

Today, we have presented the tips and tricks of brushing a long haired cat in this video format. So, if you want to explore the hidden hacks of this DIY technique, then should watch this whole video till the end for complete knowledge:

Question Answers about Long Haired Cat Brushing

Are you supposed to brush Long Haired cats?

Brushing a Long Haired cat on daily basis will remove all the tangles and mats from its topcoat. You should consider the entire body of your kitty for daily brushing to maintain its fur.

Do cats feel better after being brushed?

If you use the best brush for a Long Haired cat, your kitty will feel good after brushing. Once you remove all the dead hair with this brush, you will also quickly see some new fur that is more soft and shiny.

How do you get mats out of a Long Haired cat?

If you feel that the fur of your Kittie is matted, then you can remove all mats and other messes with the best long hair cat brush. You must ensure that your cat will not go in any pain or stress during this brushing session.

How often do Long Haired cats need brushing?

If you own a Long Haired kitty, you must maintain this cat coat daily. Regular brushing and grooming will make these cats looks shinier and fresher.

What brush should I use on my Long Haired cat?

A slicker brush is the right tool for any Long Haired cat. There are thin teeth in curved directions to catch all the mats and loose hair from your cat’s fur.

How do you brush a Long Haired cat that hates brushing?

Never hold your cats tightly; instead, just move them as they want. Once you leave them, they will be ready for brushing. You need to touch your cat very gently while brushing. If you still have difficulty, you can sedate your cat with any natural method before brushing.

How do you keep a Long Haired cat clean?

You have to take care of the excessive hair in the ear, belly, back of the neck, legs and tail. It is better to trim them in the right routine to keep your Long Haired cats clean and fresh.

Do Long Haired Cats Need Special Brushes – The Bottom Line

Most long haired cats usually don’t need any special brushing kit. You must follow the right guidelines to care for your furry kittens. However, if you are planning a DIY grooming session, then you just need to arrange a deshedding brush, slicker brush, or pet comb to get your cat ready.

Moreover, the benefits of brushing Long Haired cats are endless; it will reduce the chances of dreaded hairballs, remove tangled hair and improve the top skin of your kitty. It’s a great idea to make a routine of brushing right after breakfast, as our experienced veterinarian advises this schedule to most Long Haired cat owners. You can also make your routine as per the comfort of your kitty. Always take special care of your cat’s routine before thinking about any brushing or grooming session. Good Luck!

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