Should you Really Pet this Red Cantonese Bear Dog?

Are you thinking about purchasing the Red Cantonese Bear Dog and couldn’t find the exact information about this loyal pet? Here, you will give unbiased and true information about this dog breed to educate you.

This rare pet will protect its family owners with their lives and proven as a great guard dog. This puppy inherited all the fruitful features available in any expensive dog. It is essential to understand every aspect of this breed before purchasing it.

This informative guide will provide you with all the truths about this Red Bear dog breed so that you can easily make the right decision:

A Short Summary of Red Cantonese Dogs

The red Cantonese dog breeds are quite popular pets in different cultures. They are extremely loyal and protect their owner’s family with their lives. You can do obedience training for these red Cantonese dogs according to your activities and to rescue your family from harmful cases.

These dog breeds originated from China and were initially used as hunting dogs. You can easily groom these dogs with simple DIY tools. The dimensions of these bear dogs are ideal for standing with their owners and a walk session on sidewalks.


Now, you must be anxious to know more facts about this interesting dog breed. So, here comes some  crucial aspects of a Red Cantonese dog:

About Red Cantonese & Its Origin

Now you must be wondering where does it come from? It first originated in China; that’s why it is also called Red Cantonese Chinese Bear Dog and was mostly used for hunting. If you want to know the exact birthplace, it was Guangdong Province of Southern China.

The striking red coat of these Cantonese bear dog adults looks fantastic and gives you the impression of an amazing pet dog. It is similar to chow chow cross breeds of dogs

This breeder form is difficult to find, but nowadays, you can get these red dogs in the West of China. Their originators considered it a national treasure; the love and attention of these dogs are now spread throughout the globe. The online marketplace is also open for everyone to buy all dog breeds; the spruce pets platform is the finest option from all.

Appearance of Red Cantonese Chow Dog

It is a medium-size red dog with erect ears and a slightly muscular body. This bear dog puppy resembles a bear and sometimes appears just like a cat.

The coated color patterns are a bit different, but most of them are black and red-coated dog breeds. You can get only two variants of these dog breeds: black-coated Cantonese bear dogs and red Cantonese chow dogs.

Weight and Height

The average weight of this bear dog full grown is around 16 to 29 kg. This weight range can go up to 40 kg in the case of male Cantonese dogs.

Similarly, the height of female Cantonese bear dogs ranges from 50cm to 60cm, which is 55cm to 65cm in male dogs.

Personality of Cantonese Dogs

You will find these bear dogs very friendly, obedient, and loyal. Mostly, they prefer to live independently and are great protectors for householders. You can say that they are not sporting dogs and are not stranger friendly in any case.

They are very friendly children and an ideal option for a family pet. They can live in shorter spaces like apartments and are quieter dogs as compared to other breeds. You will find them only bark to high alerts and on strangers. The homeowners can easily train them because of their energetic and intelligent nature. They can quickly catch their owners’ hearts because of their friendly behavior.

Average Lifespan of Cantonese Dogs

The age of these types of dogs is around 11 to 12 years. It is a healthy breed of dog and can go longer, but the max lifespan of Cantonese dogs is around 13 years.

Food Feeding of Bear Dogs

The red Cantonese bear dogs have muscular bodies, so it’s a great idea to add small meal pieces into their food to grow up. You have to give them the right amount of food, which should be measured before feeding.

You can give 400-500 grams of food with some items of the dog’s favorite food for a perfect feed combination.

Cantonese Dog Price

The prices of these dog breeds range from $1200 to $ 2000. These puppies are very rare worldwide; this is the major reason for their higher cost. If you reside in India, it will cost you around Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 30,000. I have researched that it costs a lot to determine the fairest price for this breed.

There is a great variation in its pricing, and we should expect it up to $3000 because they can cause better hail from oriental regions of Asia. So, you find its specialists in China or its surroundings, and they may charge you at their rates.

Well, you can still search for this form of dog breed on the internet market, craigslist, or the Facebook marketplace. Some dog owners or red Cantonese lovers may recompense it at a discounted price.

How to Care Red Cantonese Dogs – Cleaning and Grooming

Of course, cleaning is a necessary part of everyone. You can keep this red Cantonese dog neat on your own. If you want to stay healthy, you can wash them at least twice a week. You shouldn’t need to worry much if these dogs show any strange behavior after grooming or bathing; it’s just a routine matter of these dog breeds.

You never need any pro groomer for Cantonese dogs, and they can preserve from germs or infections with traditional showering and brushing. The top fur, or you can say the coat of these dog breeds, is hypoallergenic and doesn’t need a lot of grooming.

It’s quite a straightforward task to keep these Cantonese dogs healthy. Moderate socialization and routine exercise are enough to keep them happy and prosperous. 

Benefits and Challenges of Adopting Red Cantonese Dog Breeds

If you are looking to add this red Cantonese dog breed as your family member, then you must know its benefits and breeding challenges before making the decision to own this pet:


  • It is the most loyal dog breed and protects its owners with their life.
  • These dog breeds are extremely intelligent and can be trained well for compliance activities.
  • They are so affectionate with their owner’s family.
  • The dimensions of these dog breeds are ideal for standing in front of the gate or for a classic walk session. They are 15 inches tall and look amazing while standing with their owners.
  • The top coat of their body never needs major grooming because of its hypoallergenic nature.


  • They have an aggressive attitude with strangers and other dogs.
  • Regular trimming and grooming are necessary for red Cantonese dog breeds.
  • It isn’t easy to handle these dog breeds without training or socialization.
  • These types of dogs need more exercise than other dog breeds.

Some Important Questions of Red Cantonese Bear Dogs

How big does a red Cantonese bear dog get?

When the red Cantonese bear dog reaches max size, then the weight of these dogs will become 77 to 85 pounds. You will notice the height of these puppies touching almost 32 inches.

How much does a bear dog cost?

The average price of a bear dog is around $1,400 to $1,700. This huge price difference is dependent on the breeder you choose. If you select a well reputable breeder, then this cost may go higher according to the worth of the breeder.

Do Cantonese bear dogs shed?

The dander is quite low in Cantonese bear dogs so you don’t need to shed much to the coat of these dog breeds. These are very hypoallergenic and can stay longer without any shedding.

Do bear dogs still exist?

The bear dogs do actually exist. Although these dogs are quite older and mostly located in colder areas still you can find these dog breeds in Africa and North America.

How long do bear dogs live?

The average age of bear dogs is approximately 11 to 13 years. Some of these dog formats may live up to 18 years as well if you stay them happier and healthier lives.

Are Chinese Red dogs Good Pets?

The Chinese Red Dogs are quite loyal to their owners and provide a shield to their owner’s families. They are stronger puppies and can prove great guard dogs in most cases.

My Perception about this Bear Dog 

Red Cantonese Bear Dogs are an incredibly unique and loyal pet option for their owners. Although they originated in Southern China, they are now extremely popular in England and other parts of Europe with the name ‘Turnspit Dogs’. Now they are eventually making their way to the United States and is the best companion among families all around the globe. Besides this, these dogs never need lots of grooming; you can adopt a DIY approach to cut the nails of these dogs with every bath.

This short guide helps you understand all the facts and figures about these red dogs. I hope you will like their fluffy red hair and gentle look. If you have already purchased this Chinese bear dog, then you can write your Red Cantonese pet’s story in the comments section:

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