When Do German Shepherd Stoped Growing – A Detailed Life Growth Chart

Are you wondering how a tiny and cuddly German doggie sitting in your paw will turn up to 90 pounds in just three years? It looks quite surprising that this pup will reach your shoulder within a couple of years. If you are still confused about its development stages or when do German Shepherd stop growing, then you must read this informational guide carefully because we will cover all these important aspects in this article with facts and figures.

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The Bottom Line up Front – At What Stage do GSD Stop Growing?

The German Shepherd growth rate is extremely fast at an earlier stage and will become stable after its full development. Surprisingly, this growth ends within the first three years; even these dogs can easily spend prosper life up to 13 years.

The full grown German Shepherd will look the biggest of most dog breeds. All stages, from newborn to adulthood, have their own traits and need different diet plans and care.

German Shepherd Growth Charts – Both for Male and Female

Well, we all know that German Shepherds will grow fast. However, most of us can’t figure out how fast they can grow or at what stage of age; you should adopt them according to your living space.

You must know the two most important measurements before bringing any German Shepherd to your home. Besides this, these two factors are the weight and height of German Shepherds. Whether you are looking to adopt a female Shepherd or thinking about bringing a male German Shepherd to your home, you must learn all the development stages of both these formats of GSD.

Here, we are going to classify these facts and figures into two different charts which help you to choose these measurements precisely according to your needs:

GSD Weight Chart

GSD Weight Chart

GSD Height Chart

GSD Height Chart

The Development Stages of GSD Growth: Newborn to Adulthood

After learning all the dimensions of a German Shepherd dog, now let’s learn the development stages of these lovely puppies. Whether you plan to purchase a full grown German Shepherd or just want to adopt a male German dog for your apartment, you must understand these grown German Shepherd phases for the right decision.

Moreover, it will help you to utilize this puppy according to your milestones. You can classify this dog breed into four different phases which are:

1. Newborn Stage

The neonatal phase of a German Shepherd dog typically lasts for about two weeks. These puppies are blind and dead at this phase. In this helpless stage, you will find a German old always in a sleepy condition. As a pet owner, you just need to ensure that your doggie baby’s weight is gradually increasing daily. A 5% to 10% weight gain ratio constantly grows in these two weeks.

2. Transitional Stage

This stage starts from two weeks and goes up to four weeks. You will surely fall in love with your pup in this phase because now your furry friend has started to see and hear. Moreover, when you notice how this little doggie curiously notices different things and look around, you will be proud of your choice. Now, your pup will start to walk in short sessions as the muscles will also strengthen in this phase.

3. Socialization Stage

The socialization stage will reach up to 12 weeks. Now, it’s time to introduce your puppy to friends and socialize with some short outdoor activities. Additionally, if you provide a loving environment to this German dog and interact with human friends, then you will not see any aggression or strange behavior with anyone. This is the right age when your doggie starts trusting you, so all the owners should take full advantage of it.

4. Juvenile Stage

The three to six months period is generally referred to as the Juvenile stage. Your German dog will grow up to 70% and reaches sexual maturity. At this point, you will also notice the max height for both your male and female German Shepherds.

Besides this, your pup grows adult teeth during this phase and can explore its surroundings. Now, you can leave your puppy independently. Again, it’s the best time to start training sessions and prepare this German Shepherd according to your requirements.

5. Adolescent Stage

Now, the reproduction period will start from the 7th month and can go up to 2 years. The female German Shepherd full grown at this stage and reach the highest level of heat or estrus period. The male German dogs will get this mounting energy after the 7th month, or some even at the end of the first year.

In addition, they will also get mature mentally at this phase. Yet again, female German dogs will mentally prepare more quickly than male pups. Moreover, you will see the max height and weight of both these formats of German Shepherds in this stage.

6. Adult Stage

Finally, you will observe the end of the adult growth stage after two years. Your German Shepherd will probably grow from 79 to 88 pounds and 22 to 24 inches in weight and height, respectively. Here, you can determine the mental and emotional activities of your German Shepherd. Now, you should give your lovely German dog a stable diet and nutrition for several years.

When do GSD Actually Stop Growing?

The average expectancy of a German dog is around 9 to 12 years. However, if you precisely want to know at what age does a German Shepherd stop growing, you will be surprised to know that this dog breed accomplishes its growth at three years old.

This dog’s development stages have their own importance and need care. As a pet owner, it’s your responsibility to provide a perfect environment and the right diet plan throughout all these stages to maintain the physical and mental health of your German Shepherd.

Besides all these, a German Shepherd’s development starts at a very early stage and ends the growth after a couple of years. That’s why you see bigger Shepherd doggies most of the time. These dogs spend their remaining age constantly with a stable diet.

Factors that Influence GSD Growth

We will never leave you without revealing some decisive factors that can strongly influence GSD growth. It will help you care for your lovely German Shepherd better in all their development stages. Additionally, these key elements also put a deeper impact on the health and lifestyle of both young and old German dogs. Now, let’s quickly drill through these important factors as well:

  • Genetics

Whenever you investigate the growth or development of a puppy, genetics is a must-watch point. The larger and shorter coats of these doggies are, of course, due to their genetic makeup. Moreover, whether you are looking for a fully grown dog or need some months old pups for your kids, you should have a serious concern about its parents. Moreover, it will also give you a good idea about the future dimensions and maturity level of your lovely German Shepherd.

  • Nutrition

Another responsibility of German dog owners is to provide the right nutritious products from their puppyhood to adulthood. A perfect diet plan will help such dogs for the right growth. Even the smaller German Shepherds need higher calorie count and protein to stay healthy. Therefore, you should be aware of this diet plan before purchasing a German Shepherd.

  • Growth Spurts and Plateaus

Some dog breeds grow rapidly, while another growth rate is almost paused at some stage. The German Shepherd owners also need to know their pups’ growth rate and age development stages.

You should always connect with a trusted veterinarian for a piece of quick advice so that you will get the best direction about when do German Shepherd stop growing. In this way, you can also prevent this lovely dog from various diseases.

  • Spay and Neutering

German Shepherd needs to be spayed or neutered longer than other dog breeds. Because these pups can get bored quickly, you may see more aggression and stressful situations than other pets.

Additionally, female German Shepherds are spayed in the first year, increasing urinary incontinence problems. Your veterinarian helps the dog owners in this regard. You just need to keep in touch with your trusted to care for your pets.

  • Physical Health

Overall physical health is another main concern that you must notice before adopting any German dog breed. Any disease, injury, or even anxiety may seriously impact this puppy. Sometimes, any health problem stops growing German Shepherd, and the owners may not realize this issue very soon. As it is a category of active dog breed, you need to entertain these doggies with lots of exercise and other outdoor activities to stay healthy.

In addition to these physical health issues, the right grooming or bathing schedule will also greatly impact these puppies. Besides this, you also need to shave German Shepherds with the right technique. Eventually, you will see a positive mode and improved health for your German dog.

Do German Shepherds grow after 1 year?

The physical maturity age of a German Shepherd is three years. However, most GSDs grow in full length in the first year and reach their max limit at the age of two years.

At what age do German Shepherds calm down?

Each dog has different nature. In the case of GSD, most dog types will calm down at 5-7 years old. Moreover, if you find your German Shepherd more aggressive and nasty, stay hold because these dogs will get calmer over time.

How big should a six month old German Shepherd be?

The weight of a six month old male German Shepherd will be around 53-55 pounds, while for a female dog, this weight will be about 46 pounds. In addition, it looks bigger than other doggies, and their parents inherit this trait of GSD.

What is the lifespan of a German Shepherd?

The average lifespan of a German Shepherd is around 9-13 years. If you pay more attention to such dog breeds, they will surely live healthy and happy lives for some more years.

What is the biggest German Shepherd?

You can say the biggest German Shepherd is a king Shepherd. The average weight of a king Shepherd is about 120 pounds, while the height of these doggies ranges from 25 to 29 inches.

Conclusion: How to Keep your GSD Healthy?

Well, that’s all from my side! Now, it’s your responsibility to take proper care of your German Shepherd according to its development stages. Our height and weight growth chart will help you figure out the exact age of this dog breed.

Surprisingly, these German doggies will reach their max size at the age of three years. After monitoring the development of this puppy, you may notice that these dogs get bigger and bigger every day. A full grown GSD may look like the biggest of all dog breeds.

Moreover, if your German Shepherd doesn’t grow according to the height and weight of our charts, then you should immediately take an appointment with your nearest veterinarian.

Lastly, if you want to see the growth of a German Shepherd from Day 1 to One year, then must watch the following video:

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